Ledo’s Pizza: A Farewell to Morgantown Dining

By: Andrea Sauer

Hello and happy end of the year. This last part of the semester you have seen Mountaineats grow and prosper. We all hope that all of our readers have learned something new from our little site here. We were successful in having one post per week day and sticking with themes throughout that week. Perhaps some of us will be back over time to update everyone about the best food in Morgantown, but it will no longer be the same from this point forward. So, feel free to scroll back to some of your favorite posts and relive the magic that the members of Mountaineats brought to you.

But before we all break out the tissues, I have the final installment to pizza week. Today we will be looking at Ledo Pizza. Ledo’s is located in the Suncrest Town Center off of Stewartstown Road, sandwiched between the newer Kroger and Carmonas.

The square Ledo Pizza...yumm

Ledo Pizza is a chain that generally is seen in college towns. This one in particular came in about a year and a half ago. It always depends whether or not it is busy in there. I have gone in for lunch on many occasions and it was never super busy in there, but dinner is another story. It  is usually very busy after 6 pm and even though the dining area is pretty spacious, I can see how there could be a wait sometimes.

The serving staff seems like it is ALL college students. For the most part I do not mind it, but honestly some of these servers have no personality look like they are just hungover a lot. Again, this is not all of the college servers, but I always feel like me and my friends always get the one who looks like she is holding her head when all of us talk to order.

Also, I feel like it takes a really long time for the food to be served. I went with three friends last night and we were the second table to sit down. Every single table that came in after us (which I am going to say six tables)  got served before we did. Some of the tables that got served before us had bigger parties than us (and four people really is not a lot!).  They must have messed up our order or something because that was torture watching everybody else get served before we did.

Ok, so that makes it sound like Ledo’s is not good, BUT IT IS! For the absolute deliciousness of the greasy, thin crust pizza with plenty of fun toppings, I will put up with the hungover and slow service because I feel like the pizza is worth the wait.

Other notable things to try are the calzones and stromboli they have. I will always prefer my DP Dough calzones over anything, but these are good too.

Another thing that has to be tried is the appetizers! Great cheese fries and the garlic bread with melted mozzarella is to die for.

Something I do not mention getting at this place is pasta. The noodles and sauce did not taste fresh but rather like they had been frozen, not good.

But seriously, Ledo Pizza is great. I love eating there and the reason that they have the square slices and not round is because they claim that the customer gets more pizza for their money. I am always a fan of this. Ledo’s is not a very expensive place to eat anyway, but when they are offering to give you more for your money, that is where I tend to give my money.

Thank you everyone for reading Mountaineats, it has been a pleasure writing for you all. Hopefully, we will be back to give everyone updates with what we are doing so that you can all be sure to continue to follow us!


About collegeandwine

I am a senior broadcast news student at West Virginia University. I have recently had a new found interest in wines and I want to expand my knowledge of wines and this will help me do that.
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2 Responses to Ledo’s Pizza: A Farewell to Morgantown Dining

  1. tonicekada says:

    I have never heard of Ledo’s Pizza before, I feel like there arew so many new places over in that shopping center that I need to check out. Actually, it’s really close to my house, but I somehow always forget about it and end up eating downtown or one of the “usual” places. Now that summer is coming maybe it will slow down a bit and service will pick up. I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. capnwinters says:

    Ditto @ Toni, I have never heard of this place outside of its ad on dubvmenus.com, but given this glowing assessment of its quality, I may now give it a go. I’m normally a Rosa Pizza / Casa D’amici kind of guy, but hey, you gave this place some pretty good ink. Must be something to it

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