High Street Battle

The week of pure college eateries is coming to a close- unfortunately. I think this has certainly been my favorite week so far for Mountaineats. Before I go on about two extremely popular Morgantown pure college restaurants, I want to take the time to talk about what actually makes a college feeding hole.

  1. Prime Location – it needs to be around the students. It has to be in the heart of the college with a whole lot of foot traffic full of  students with pockets filled with their parent’s money.
  2. Great Prices – as we have discussed before, we like things cheap. You need to get a lot for your money and they need to constantly have specials and coupons for us to save even more.
  3. Convenient Hours of Operation – We party. With partying comes rapid hunger urges. We need a place in a prime location and good prices to be open when we crave the grease the most.
  4. Delivery – If we do find ourselves at a house party on a Saturday night, we do not want to drive and cause possible harm, but we are still hungry. Reward this act of responsibility by bringing the food to us, whenever we want it.
Obviously, if the food is good, that is just a bonus! A place cannot go wrong as long as they keep all of this in mind.
The two places I am talking about today hit all of these points. The Pita Pit and D.P. Doughare both located on the party runway of High Street, offer huge portions for the prices, are open late and both deliver. Both are national chains and both are specifically designed to be in a college town. This shows that they know how to do it right.

The Pita Pit on High Street

Pita Pit obviously offers a Subway style for Pitas. They have a huge selection of meat pitas, veggie, low calorie and even breakfast pitas that you can get any time of the day. They also offer smoothies. Here is a little more detail about it’s Morgantown location and menu. The Morgantown location is open until 4 am Thursday-Saturday! Yes, they cater to the students.

As I already mentioned, the Pita Pit location in Morgantown also offers delivery. Here is a link to the online delivery order form. Which is extremely helpful. A few suggestions for people to get when they go to try it is the Local, the Chicken Caesar and the Awakin’ with Bacon breakfast pita. Some may say that Pita Pit seems like a pretty healthy place to eat, but as we all know calories do add up and eating out anywhere is going to be a hit to the stomach.

WVU student Amina M. has nothing but praise for the Pita Pit.

I think it is completely underrated. I really suggest the falafel. The location is perfect! Right by the PRT, on High Street, nice staff, great prices and I love how they make it right in front of you. It is just the perfect place to eat. Drunk or sober.

D.P. Dough on High Street

Moving on to my favorite High Street restaurant: D.P. Dough. This place rocks. You walk in, go up to the desk and pick from this HUGE list of calzones that they offer. It is about $8 to get a ginormous calzone and drink. It just is not possible to leave here hungry. I know my personal favorite calzone is the BBQ Chicken Zone. It is so flavorful, packed with BBQ sauce, chicken and cheddar cheese. Pretty much everything good in the world is packed into the dough. How can you say no? However, looking at the menu it would be a travesty to only have one calzone and never try another. You just have to keep going back and trying new and exciting zones. The others I would like to recommend are the Combat Zone, School Zone and Drop Zone. I am sure all of them are good. But these are the ones I have tried and loved.

The other amazing thing about it is that if you cannot find a zone that you really like, you can make your own! They list the ingredients and you pick and they serve. It is quite delicious!

I spoke to a delivery driver for D.P. Dough and all he could stress about the place is how clean and careful they were at D.P. Dough.

I can assure you, it is spotless in the back where they make the food. They really scrub it down and we are always washing our hands. Making the food right is the first priority.

I love knowing that I can go to a place I know is clean. They also have delivery and are open until 3 am Thursday-Saturday. Mmmm…now I want a Calzone…


About collegeandwine

I am a senior broadcast news student at West Virginia University. I have recently had a new found interest in wines and I want to expand my knowledge of wines and this will help me do that.
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7 Responses to High Street Battle

  1. lindsaycobb says:

    I love DP Dough! It is truly delicious. And not only do they have a huge list of options, but they’ll give you custom zones too- yummmmm.
    I have never been to Pita Pit though, but I was just talking to my friend about it and they say its addicting. He’s had it four or five times in the last two weeks! I guess we should all try it out.

  2. Yes, DP Dough is totally my favorite High Street restaurant. I was shocked yesterday, I was talking to a group of my friends and all four of them were saying how much they hated it! I could not believe it. It really made me want to cry for the joy that I feel they are missing. But, to each their own. I feel the amount of variety they have is unmatched. And yes, Pita Pit is great too. Definitely addicting like your friends say. Give it a try for sure.

  3. ewadd986 says:

    Yea when I was visiting here in high-school I had DP Dough for the first time and lets just say it played a factor in me deciding to come here. Like you said the BBQ Chicken Zone is amazing and my favorite calzone from there as well with the awesome ranch dipping sauce. When I moved closer to High Street I found myself eating at the pita pit more and more because like you said its like the subway for pitas and I definitely think it’s a lot fresher and healthier for you than DP Dough.

  4. capnwinters says:

    There’s a missed opportunity here for an article called High Street Fighter, but that’s for another time I guess. Anyway, I’d definitely have to question your interviewee’s grasp of Morgantown geography; Pita Pit isn’t exactly close to Walnut by any reckoning unless you’re riding in from Evansdale. You certainly compared polar opposites here, with my beloved unhealthy DP Dough stacking up against the perennial Vegan hangout.

    • The reason the two were compared was because they both fit the criteria for college town food. I know my freshman year whenever I was downtown with friends the biggest decision we always had to make was Pita Pit or DP Dough. I did not compare them because they serve the same food. I used my interviewee’s quote that she gave me and did not change it. That would not be the journalistic thing to do.

  5. Shay Maunz says:

    Though there are other restaurants on High St., these two places do define High Street food for me, though my list would have to include Jimmy John’s.

    I actually don’t eat at any of these places very much anymore. I think I wore them out my freshman year when I didn’t have a car, and half my floor would walk down from Dadisman in the middle of the night for a late night meal (thank god we live in such a college town, if only because there are so many restaurants open late).

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