Jazz loves Pizza: Shift Ace

I do love pizza, but here we go with some mixed feelings. Urbanspoon may tell more positives of this establishment than I could. My experience with Shift Ace did not start incredibly smoothly. I promised my friends pizza if they would come eat with me and discuss the food with me. We had to search for twenty minutes to find the location, though it is literally at the crossroads of University and Stewart, right next to the Rusted Musket. One confusing detail is that they lie where the Corner Diner was last time I ate near that location.  I still don’t know how I missed it; more on that in a sec.

The name is of course based on a juvenile pun on a certain slang term for inebriation. I don’t have to spell it out for anyone. What would be great was if they opened before 1 pm. I usually think of grabbing lunch at noon before class, and though they cater to the drunken demographic, they should still function as a restaurant. And considering the lack of a sign, it’s hard to even tell it’s a real place.

Seriously. Learn to stand out. The stationary neon sign was the only thing to suggest this was a pizza place and not a bar.

Luckily, at night it becomes a more interesting place.  There were loud people drinking pitchers of Yuengling and Budweiser (though one of my favorite beers, Shock Top, looks like pure urine in a pitcher).  The casual nature of the workers and the people inside somehow lend a real chillaxing vibe to the utter chaos. Of course, few things bring out the thrill of college students like a good Stanley Cup Playoff with the Pens. They can make up for the late opening, since they are open until 3AM on weekdays.

They offer draft specials during certain gamedays, which can only serve to make sports even more popular by adding unlimited affordable beer and other people. The pizzas were actually a good deal, the specials having up to eleven toppings on the more unique ones and being fairly large.

Also, they look like Pac-Man. Mmmm, Journalism. Wakka Wakka.

Granted, my pizza was a little cold by the time I got home, but I can’t expect otherwise. The Whiteout, and pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, bacon and white garlic sauce, was actually quite scrumptious. Had to heat it back up, though. I had other choices, though I could barely say them out loud:

Seriously, only in Morgantown. Though, fries are good on everything…

Anyway, they had all kinds of fun things in there. Though I’ve never met a group of sports fans who unanimously decided against having their pictures taken. The decor, from the giant Fatheads of Football players to the “entertainment-only” breathalyzer tester on the wall by the jukebox, offers a really relaxed and quintessentially Morgantown place to grab some Italian heaven. Once you figure out what the hell’s going on. I’m not lying about the decorations:

If I were to critique Shift Ace, it would be thus: Make your brand known. Put a sign outside with your name on it. Don’t let beer signs be the only advertisement for your pizza joint. Morgantown has bars in spades, but this this the only place with an Ace up it’s sleeve.

By the by, I’d like to inquire about the logo contest I saw on the wall. Winner, if it still is even running, gets a 100$ tab.

All in all, not a bad place to grab a beer. And now you know they have Pizza! And Calzones! And things other than beer!


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4 Responses to Jazz loves Pizza: Shift Ace

  1. Didn’t that place used to be a beer joint with a pizza sign on it? Maybe these new misleading tactics will work for this place.

  2. lindsaycobb says:

    I live right down the street from this place, and I had absolutely no idea it was there. I heard a while ago that we had one in Morgantown, but never saw it! It sounds like its still finding its way, but good to know that its a good time.

    • Jazz says:

      See, everyone has the same problem I had. I had an exact address and map of the place, and couldn’t find it. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  3. capnwinters says:

    So this place has supplanted The Original Dish? I lived in the Honors Dorm for a year and passed that place quite often. Do you know if the Shift Ace people bought it from them, or if it’s just a restaurant reboot?

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