What’s the Wordle?

I think just about every college kid loves pizza.  So instead of beating a dead horse all week I thought I’d mix the hump day post up and tell everyone about a cool, free website called, Wordle.  Wordle helps create a word cloud from whatever text you select.  It’s cool because if you have a really long data set than what it does it show you which words occur more frequently as shown by bigger text in the wordle.  I decided that since this is my last post, and that all of them have been about food, I would do a Wordle of all of them to see what my word cloud would look like.

My Wordle word cloud.

Not surprising to me, the biggest word was burrito because I did a pretty long blog post about the best burrito in Morgantown a while back, and then revisited it.  Also not shocking was food as one of the bigger ones and Morgantown, which is good because that’s what our blog is centered on.  Some ones that I thought would be bigger were restaurant and friends.  But as you can see, this is a really cool and easy program to use to look at a set of information, definitely try it out sometime.

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One Response to What’s the Wordle?

  1. Lol “Fat” jumped out at me and then a bit later I saw the “Chico’s.”

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