Tuesdays with Jazz: Tea Extravaganza!!!1

What says summer is coming like some nice tea? It’s actually very refreshing. It may not be the first most people think of as “dessert,” but with the amount of sugar that I pack into a cuppa, and the fact I often like to sip tea after a meal, then perhaps we can make a case. So without further ado, let’s look at a few good tea joints in the city of Morgantown.

Blue Moose

The Moose is a place I thought of as a venue for a beer and some slow jam music on a Thursday night. Apparently, during the day they have fairly extensive coffee, tea and pastry options.

This is what Blue Moose considers a sparse tea selection. Luckily for me, they encourage smelling. I had a very difficult sitch determining which tea I wanted to sample at first, but then smelled the most wondrous blend I have ever laid nose on: The Yerba Latte. Just the most wondrous blend of strong, almost vanilla aroma, with these subtle earthy and rooty undertones was just fantastic.

I suppose when comparing traditional hot tea establishments, tea is just an afterthought to the coffee and really has little to do with the preparer. Precisely why the atmosphere and presentation matters so much.

And so I present, the tea itself:

Just look at that deep, moody brew. Have I mentioned the smell yet? That straw nearly melted as I stirred the stuff. I also loved the cup. I didn’t really have time to drink it much with all the sniffing I was doing. But when I finally took a sip, the taste was just sweet enough. Before I put any sugar in. Exceptionally great tea.

Lavender Cafe 

I have professed my love for this little spot in the past. The amazing food, the speedy service, the delectable sushi. But one of their greatest treats by far is something a little sweeter and a little strange by Western standards.

Bubble Tea

This isn’t your gramma’s Earl Grey with Equal. These are Milk Teas or Hot Teas with round, squishy balls of black tapioca stuff. Uniquely Asian, all the way. Takes some time getting used to the texture; you are given a large straw so that you can eat the tapioca while you drink the tea. But you can, if so desired, order without the tapioca, or replace with a gelatin which just sounds unpleasant.

The liquid itself is something like a Korean version of a milkshake. I ordered the Peanut Black Milk Tea, which had a great nutty flavor to it, and these little clusters of pureed peanuts. Incredibly creamy, but you can still tell the treat was originally created from a brewed concoction. I always have the bubble tea cold, which more fits the traditional idea of dessert, but will have to eventually muster up the strength to try it hot.


One of the more mellow spots in Morgantown. I do enjoy their coffee, and when a friend of mine plays there during open mic, I’ll pop in for a bowl of cereal. When I recieved my tea here, I was happy with the guys behind the counter for helping me pick a tea, but their selection was really rather blah.

Inside Sozo is usually a pretty nice place to relax; free wifi, comfortable seating. But for a reason no one could explain, all the beautiful and calming artwork was taken off the walls. There was still the soft tinkle of a low-level Jazz song in the background, which allows for the relaxed atmosphere needed for tea-drinking.

One interesting detail about drinking a cup of tea with creamer is the texture it gives the brew. It mixed together nicely with the berry taste of the tea. I’m reminded of drinking a bowl of warm crunch-berries, which is not nearly as horrible as it sounds. I hear milk is what the British put in their tea.

 The ‘Soz gave me a perfectly servicable tea, and trying something different than the all-water routine gave me a little enjoyment. Of course, their tea is so much cheaper and more generic than the specialty teas at Blue Moose. For the same price. I would certainly recommend Sozo for a french press or shot of expresso. Otherwise, better places for tea.

Granted, there are other tea places in Morgantown, but those are of the Starbuck’s variety. Doesn’t exactly scream “drink me.” Give these fellas a go.

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Treat Yourself

With finals week in Morgantown quickly approaching student’s will soon be hibernating in their rooms and hiding behind textbooks in the library. We here at MountainEats are dedicating this week to highlighting some of our favorite ways to treat ourselves. So go ahead, take a study break and indulge!

Check back in a little while and I’ll post my favorite place to take a little break… more to come soon

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High Street Battle

The week of pure college eateries is coming to a close- unfortunately. I think this has certainly been my favorite week so far for Mountaineats. Before I go on about two extremely popular Morgantown pure college restaurants, I want to take the time to talk about what actually makes a college feeding hole.

  1. Prime Location – it needs to be around the students. It has to be in the heart of the college with a whole lot of foot traffic full of  students with pockets filled with their parent’s money.
  2. Great Prices – as we have discussed before, we like things cheap. You need to get a lot for your money and they need to constantly have specials and coupons for us to save even more.
  3. Convenient Hours of Operation – We party. With partying comes rapid hunger urges. We need a place in a prime location and good prices to be open when we crave the grease the most.
  4. Delivery – If we do find ourselves at a house party on a Saturday night, we do not want to drive and cause possible harm, but we are still hungry. Reward this act of responsibility by bringing the food to us, whenever we want it.
Obviously, if the food is good, that is just a bonus! A place cannot go wrong as long as they keep all of this in mind.
The two places I am talking about today hit all of these points. The Pita Pit and D.P. Doughare both located on the party runway of High Street, offer huge portions for the prices, are open late and both deliver. Both are national chains and both are specifically designed to be in a college town. This shows that they know how to do it right.

The Pita Pit on High Street

Pita Pit obviously offers a Subway style for Pitas. They have a huge selection of meat pitas, veggie, low calorie and even breakfast pitas that you can get any time of the day. They also offer smoothies. Here is a little more detail about it’s Morgantown location and menu. The Morgantown location is open until 4 am Thursday-Saturday! Yes, they cater to the students.

As I already mentioned, the Pita Pit location in Morgantown also offers delivery. Here is a link to the online delivery order form. Which is extremely helpful. A few suggestions for people to get when they go to try it is the Local, the Chicken Caesar and the Awakin’ with Bacon breakfast pita. Some may say that Pita Pit seems like a pretty healthy place to eat, but as we all know calories do add up and eating out anywhere is going to be a hit to the stomach.

WVU student Amina M. has nothing but praise for the Pita Pit.

I think it is completely underrated. I really suggest the falafel. The location is perfect! Right by the PRT, on High Street, nice staff, great prices and I love how they make it right in front of you. It is just the perfect place to eat. Drunk or sober.

D.P. Dough on High Street

Moving on to my favorite High Street restaurant: D.P. Dough. This place rocks. You walk in, go up to the desk and pick from this HUGE list of calzones that they offer. It is about $8 to get a ginormous calzone and drink. It just is not possible to leave here hungry. I know my personal favorite calzone is the BBQ Chicken Zone. It is so flavorful, packed with BBQ sauce, chicken and cheddar cheese. Pretty much everything good in the world is packed into the dough. How can you say no? However, looking at the menu it would be a travesty to only have one calzone and never try another. You just have to keep going back and trying new and exciting zones. The others I would like to recommend are the Combat Zone, School Zone and Drop Zone. I am sure all of them are good. But these are the ones I have tried and loved.

The other amazing thing about it is that if you cannot find a zone that you really like, you can make your own! They list the ingredients and you pick and they serve. It is quite delicious!

I spoke to a delivery driver for D.P. Dough and all he could stress about the place is how clean and careful they were at D.P. Dough.

I can assure you, it is spotless in the back where they make the food. They really scrub it down and we are always washing our hands. Making the food right is the first priority.

I love knowing that I can go to a place I know is clean. They also have delivery and are open until 3 am Thursday-Saturday. Mmmm…now I want a Calzone…

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What’s college without coffee?

While looking over my shrinking list of “Quintessential College Eateries,” (as my blog mates were picking some of the great Morgantown dives) it suddenly dawned on me that no one mentioned the coffee shop scene. Of course! One of my first introductions to college life was when I was in high school and eating with my dad at a college coffee shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky (pops used to work at Western Kentucky University or WKU…eerily similar to WVU). So it is only fitting that I cover the best coffee hangout in Morgantown, the Blue Moose Cafe.

Located on the corner of Spruce and Walnut Streets, the Blue Moose Cafe is a must-visit Morgantown dive.

To be sure, labeling the Blue Moose as strictly a “coffee hangout” does the joint a huge disservice. The Blue Moose really embodies what makes up a great college restaurant, cafe, or eatery. For one, it has a very open yet cozy atmosphere in which many students, professors, and locals spend countless hours pouring over work or catching up with friends. The Blue Moose also features a plethora of locally produced artwork (that is for sale) and is home to a vibrant acoustic music scene (usually Wednesday is the open-mic night). Of course the service at the cafe is exceptional, as the servers make a habit of using pleasantries and light conversation to ease you on your visit. But what really makes the Blue Moose a great coffee shop and cafe is the shear amount of “wake my ass up” drinks available and the eclectic assortment of homemade foods.

A colorful cast of drinks awaits your tongue at the Blue Moose Cafe.

Of the dozens of drinks I have tried from the Blue Moose, I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience. From the Chai-inspired Lattes and “The Americano” with various shots of flavors (like French Vanilla, Pumpkin, or Caramel) to something much more “low-brow” like a steamer or milkshake, everything has a unique taste. My personal favorite is the “Honey Milk,” comprised of steam milked, brewed to a frothy goodness with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of honey mixed in. The flavor of the Honey Milk is just so simple and soothing, not nearly as complex as their breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

"The Americano" is a classic coffee beverage…this one happens to have some French Vanilla flavoring and a triple-shot of Espresso…yes a triple-shot.

Just as explicitly titling the Blue Moose as a “coffee shop” is a disservice, so is trying to review their extensive menu. For starters, you can always order breakfast from the Blue Moose…and their portions rival that of Tudor’s, so beware when you order! As for lunch and dinner, the cafe offers a lot of different sandwiches and salads for the adventurous mouth. Their Reuben Sandwich is delicious, as is their Black Bean Burger and the Spinach and Red Pepper Sandwich, which consists of fresh spinach and roasted red pepper under a bed of melted Provolone cheese and served up on toasted Ciabatta bread. A friend of mine ordered the “Mediterranean Moose Salad,” and at first glance it looked amazing. In fact, when I uploaded these photos to my Facebook (it’s just easier when you are photographing from a SmartPhone), I had comments about the wonderous appearance of the salad in minutes!

This Mediterranean Moose Salad is brimming with tasty treats…and as one patron put it,"Its so fresh and just…healthy."

Although I could probably go on for another 1, 000 words about the Blue Moose’s food and atmosphere, this is a place you really have to experience yourself. It has all the makings of a great college dive, a cool name, a relaxed and off-beat setting, smiling and talkative servers, and a head-turning group of drinks and menu items. Thus, you can imagine my surprise when a senior at WVU recently told me she had never been to the Blue Moose before…I was blue in the face (no pun intended). So give this local dive a shot, and you might end up with a cup of coffee and a shot of your own…of espresso that is.


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Hey guys, Eric here to tell you about one of my favorite “college” restaurants in Morgantown.  What I mean by that is just a typical college restaurant where kids hang out and order some not so healthy food at all hours of the night.  In high-school my brother’s best friend had already attended West Virginia for about three years.  I told him that I was thinking about going there and he warned me that I might gain more than the “freshman 15” because of all the great, but no so great for you, restaurants.  He said the one that might be the most addicting would be The Rusted Musket.

The Rusted Musket is a local dive located right across from the Life Sciences building on 2005 University Avenue.  In my time here, many restaurants such as the Regal Beagle and the Corner Diner have stood next to “Musket” (as most students call it) and have not been able to compete and hang around.  Whether that has to do with Musket’s overwhelming popularity we’ll never know, but I would bet on it.

Musket offers a variety of food from sandwiches, subs, enchiladas, burgers and wings.  But they are most famous for their “Stackers”.  Each stacker includes Texas grilled toast stacked with whatever meat combo you order and a second layer of homemade cole slaw and fries.  Most contain three layers but if you want to go big you can get the popular “Los Angeles Stacker” which has four layers that includes steak and Vidalia onion vinaigrette with pepper jack cheese and Cajun chicken and bacon with cheddar cheese.  Hands down this is The Rusted Muskets most popular seller.  You can get a full list of their stackers by going to their menu, my personal favorite has to be the “Phoenix”.  Each stacker ranges around $6.  Another wildly popular order off their menu is their hot pepper jack cheese balls.  These things are like tiny mozzarella bites with some kick to them from the pepper jack and they come with a delicious ranch dipping sauce that makes the perfect combo.  $2.75 and $4.50 for a large can be pricy but these things are definitely worth it.

One of the best things that college students love about The Rusted Musket is their late night hours.  These people truly cater to those students who are up late night craving what some kids call “drunk food”.  Musket is open for carry out or delivery from 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Sunday to Tuesday and open from 3:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

“The best thing about Musket besides how good it is is that it stays open as late as most college kids are out.  I can rely on Musket getting me food at any time of the night basically which is why I like to order it.  It might take them a little longer than usual but that’s because they’re always pretty busy and I know they are reliable,” says Troy Royston, a WVU student and avid fan of The Rusted Musket.

Besides the great food and late delivery, the Rusted Musket also offers a pretty cool environment inside.  They have a huge wall to the left side of the building which they have left blank for all of their students and customers to tag their name, area code or just their own little blurb about the Rusted Musket.  It is a pretty neat feature and makes it feel like an authentic college restaurant that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  They also have several arcade games to play and t.v.’s while you wait in line which is another cool feature.

The wall at Rusted Musket all tagged out.

If you are a college student and you haven’t tried out the Rusted Musket yet then I say that you really haven’t lived the true West Virginia college experience.  I say give it a shot and go with one of their signature stackers with a side order of cheese balls and I guarantee you you’d be happy you did.

Become a fan of The Rusted Musket on Facebook.

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The Perfect College Eatery: Sandwich U

I wish I could tell you what was really the perfect college food: The hot dog. I had a wonderful frank with some spicy chili and crispy onions that really fought off the wet and cold of the day. Unfortunately, the company involved declined to be interviewed, which I completely understand. Too bad they missed out on all the free publicity and compliments about their food and customer service.

Regardless, I was left to brainstorm what else fit the bill for college food. Then the obvious place sprang to mind: Sandwich U.

236 Walnut Street
(304) 284-0911

Also known as “Are U Hungry.” Also known as “Oh man this is so good, dude!”

According to their website, they only exist in Morgantown, despite getting their start at Rutgers University. Frankly, I’m not surprised that Morgantown is the “home of the fat sandwich,” as few sober towns can stomach the grease-encrusted glory that is a sandwich U meal. The tips on Foursqaure seem to point toward trying the crack fries, which if the online menu is any indication, don’t exist anymore. Maybe they mean Dope Fries, which are curly fries with cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce. Sounds pretty great to me.

They of course have delivery, but I’ve never used it for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is they don’t deliver to West Run apartments, where I live. Also, they have a minimum 15.00 delivery, which is more than I usually get in my lonely food ordering. And a 2.50 delivery fee. On the plus side, they deliver until 3:45 all days of the week, so if nothing else is open, you can suck it up and order leftovers.

Also nice is the restaurant trend of letting you eat breakfast anytime, though that kind of invalidates the idea of “breakfast.” That’s just any food and add eggs. Only farmers eat their breakfast at three in the morning. Anywho.

The food itself is the draw. Granted, SU is made for the drunk partier at 2AM after leaving the pawty cloubh (party club). Strangely enough, the food is much better than it looks, and quite scrumptious while not intoxicated.

I mean, look at the thing! It’s got ranch just gooping off it, and fries and chicken fingers just kind of thrown in a bun. It’s a madhouse. The very definition of a guilty pleasure. I had the ‘Fat Obama” last time I went there, which is basically what you see above but with marinara sauce. I think there was supposed to be a fried chicken joke or something, but the names are pretty juvenile. But really, who would actually be behind naming a foodstuff a “Fat Bitch” or a “Fat Blunt” and get away with…

Oh. Well, doesn’t that just spell college culture right out? Mountaineats will continue to tell you what the best purely college places to eat are.

Meanwhile, check out what the WV State Journal has to say about the place.

Jazz out.

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Mountaineats in a Nutshell

Apparently this is what our blog is about.

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Star City VFD Brewfest Review

After several recent beer posts concerning a diverse array of imported and domestic craft beers, it was nice to leave the bottles in the fridge (or the cellar) and try some brews straight from the tap. No I didn’t get to make it down to Morgantown’s newest beer haven, the Mountain State Brewpub…however, I did get to try a plethora of craft brews from various West Virginia breweries at the 3rd annual Star City Volunteer Fire Department Brewfest.

First off, let me say that this is easily the best value brewfest in a long list of beer festivals I have had the pleasure of attending (and the displeasure of recuperating from). The reason being that most brewfests offer 3 to 4 hour tasting periods with a hefty $25-plus price tag…and some don’t even offer unlimited tastings. However, the enlightened crew at the Star City VFD saw the power in opening up the tastings to two different days with a noon to 10 PM gauntlet on Saturday and you get a nice, pint-sized glass with a ticket purchase (unlike dwarfed mugs that other festivals hand out).

Needless to say, I arrived shortly after 3 PM on Saturday and stayed until the volunteers were forced to herd the remaining revelers into the complimentary shuttles. Even though I came to the event knowing that I had tried nearly every beer (of the 70-plus offered) at least one time or another in my beer-ventures, there were certainly a few that had I yet to enjoy. However, unlike last year where the lines were pretty tame for most beers, the place was packed. Which in a way was kind of refreshing to a West Virginia native who has hoped the Mountain State’s artisan culture would embrace craft brewing for quite some time. Even with 4-5 person lines at just about every beer (except the Anheuser-Busch’s and Yuengling’s of the world) I was still able to try every brew on hand and get some quotes and notes along the way. So kick back and relax, crack a fresh beer, and reminisce about (or curse yourself for missing) the Star City VFD Brewfest.


The crowd may have been large, but the lines weren't too bad…and there was more than 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Best Brewery: Typically whenever I go to brewfests, there is one brewery that really stands out in my mind (and taste buds) as the king of beers for that particular festival. Last year I had the Mountaineer Brewing Company as the champion, with their unique Winter Ale and their new Vandalia Ale (which was surprisingly the only beer from the company at this year’s brewfest), however this year’s festival posted a bit more of a challenge for me. Of course you could make an argument to crown the nationally recognized craft breweries like Great Lakes, Rogue, or Flying Dog…but it is a little hard to hand out a “Best Brewery” tag when you only showcase one or two beers. Thus, my nod goes to Morgantown Brewing Company. Although I have experienced MBC’s diverse palatte of brews before, their beers were head and shoulders above the rest of the West Virginia breweries with a few of their offerings (the Zack Morgan’s IPA, F.H.Pierpont’s Robust Porter, and the 80 Shilling Scotch Ale) comparing favorably against the aforementioned “top dogs” of the craft brewing world. One beer that wasn’t on hand was the “West Virginia Golden Ale,” or MBC’s wheat beer (which is actually more of  German Hefeweizen with its heavy yeast influence) but luckily MBC brewmaster Brian Anderson cleared up my questions of the Golden’s Ales disappearance. “We’ve got it in the fermenter right now,” Anderson said “can’t wait to get it out and see what we’ve got.” Me either Brian, me either.

Best Beer: This one is a little tough, as the offerings were so diverse in style that it’s hard to nail down one brew and claim it’s “the best.” So to cut down on some confusion and give some other beers some air time, I am going to rank the best beer for a handful of common craft beer styles.

Pale Ale: Easy one here, Widmer’sDrifter Pale Ale” offers a crisp hop bite over a satisfying backdrop of caramel malts. It’s not too heavy by any means but has enough substance to make you want another glass…err tasting. Great Lake’s Burning River came in a very close second.


70-plus beers treated craft beer veterans and newbies to a tongue pleasing array of brews from around the country.

India Pale Ale: I’m a big, big fan of the Zack Morgan’s IPA from Morgantown Brewing Company, but its fruity hints “paled” in comparison (no pun intended) to the West Virginia hop bomb that was Bridge Brew Works seasonal “India Pale Ale.” The dark orange body provided a delicious malt and bitter hop flavor that is usually only found from some of the best breweries in the business (more on Bridge Brew Works later).

Stout/ Dark Ales: While dark ales can incorporate a wide variety of beers, I decided to couple the two styles together for sheer convenience. I really enjoyed Great Lakes’ Doppelrock Doppelbock beer with its tinges of fresh chocolate poking through a medium body of caramel and toffee. Though not as silky or malty as the best Doppelbocks, the Doppelrock is an exceptional beer. BUT, Rogue’s “Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager” stole the show in my opinion. The beer’s superb mix of homegrown malts and hops create an organic quality, but the brew puffs its chest out just as much as the most flavorful of beers. I have had the Dirtoir Black several times before, but there was something about trying the draft version of the brew that just added an extra quality and freshness to the multitude of ingredients. If you tried the beer at the festival (or want to pick up a bottle from Morgantown’s various beer outlets) you may not have known it is the world’s #1 “Schwarzbier.”

Lagers: I personally thought Morgantown Brewing Company’s “Two Weeks Lager” was the notable lager at the event. Though I would be the first to admit that lagers are farther down on my list of favorite styles than a lot of other beers, this particular brew offers a certain uniqueness that sets it apart from the likes of Yuengling, Dominion Lager, or Bridge Brew Works “Long Point Lager.”

Up-And-Coming Brewery: Bridge Brew Works, the Fayetteville, West Virginia-based brewery, is a new player on the scene of craft brewing. The brewery began producing handcrafted ales in the late 2000s and have seen their influence and impact on West Virginia craft brewing increase steadily with each passing year. I offered some kind words regarding their seasonal “India Pale Ale” beer to co-founder Nathan Herrold and he jumped at the opportunity to talk about his brewery. “It’s just me and this guy (pointing to co-founder Ken Linch) making this stuff and we love it,” Herrold said. When told to keep up with the creativity in crafting the beers, Herrold responded “Yes sir, we are constantly thinking up and trying new beers and styles.” Luckily Bridge Brew Works is beginning to bottle some of their popular beers and their seasonal ales, including the aforementioned IPA, and a Belgium Dubbel and Tripel. This is definitely a brewery on the rise and don’t be surprised to find more of their beers in West Virginia restaurants and bottle shops soon!

All in all the 3rd annual Star City VFD Brewfest was a huge success for the beer-happy guests. Official numbers haven’t been released in terms of attendance and money raised, but the smiles on the volunteers’ faces and the matching joy the beer drinkers shared made for a very entertaining and enjoyable experience on the outskirts of the University City. If you get a chance to attend the event next year, please do, as it will give you a new perspective on different beer styles or craft beer in general. Cheers!

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Kicking Off College Eats Week

For this week we will be bringing you info. on some of our favorite places in Morgantown that have real “college” atmospheres. From their late hours to cheap menu items and delivery service, this week will focus on different restaurants that cater to student’s schedules and tastes.

Since its debut in the 997 A.D. Mediterranean region of Europe, Pizza has evolved into an essential aspect of American cuisine and earned its place as a staple in every college kid’s diet. It wasn’t until I came to Morgantown that I discovered think New York style pies and fell in love. There are two places in town that I feel are in constant competition for the title of best pizza. Casa Di Amici located at the top of high street in downtown Morgantown and Pizza Al’s located on University Avenue near Towers and the Evansdale Campus.

The Lowdown:

Casa Di Amici literally translates into “House of Friends”, however, the staff isn’t always the friendliest, and I can’t blame them after seeing some of the irritating intoxicated customers they deal with all the time. The hours of Casa are the first indicator that they are definitely tailored to the college crowd.  Open til 1:30 am Sunday thru Tuesday and until 3:30 am Wednesday thru Saturday, you can take care of those late night cravings here. While they have other items such as baked ziti and Stromboli on the menu, I’ve never tried anything other than the pizza. Like I mentioned before the ultra thin crust is sure to remind those from the north of home. The best part about Casa Di Amici for me is they’re sauce, it’s unlike any other, tangy, but not too sour, just right. I’m always made fun of as being “that person” who blots off my pizza with a napkin, but whether grease pools on top or not, it’s definitely worth every it for every college kid to give this place a try. Grab a combo with two slices and a drink in between classes on a weekday for around $4.50.

Onto University Ave and Pizza Al’s:

This tiny little pizza parlor makes our list of college eateries because of the price. $10.00 buys a huge…no humongous pie. I’m talking 20 inch feed a lot of people pizza. Beware extra toppings come at $1.25 each, so supreme lovers don’t get as good of a deal.  Al’s does a mostly take-out because their dining room is small, and unlike Casa, they do not deliver. The pizza is maybe a little thicker here but it is still New York style, and seems to fill me up quicker than Casa’s. Since Al’s is on the Evansdale campus, it is a popular place for freshmen in Towers to get a break from the dorm food, and a great spot to stop in and grab a bite after a game at Mountaineer Field.

Which is better? That’s up to you to decide, for me, it depends on the day and mood I’m in. Casa is always a go-to afterhours establishment, and Al’s is a great place to pick up food to share with friends. Whichever you choose you’re sure to find a satisfying bite fit for any college kid.

Did you know?: Mon County Food Establishment health inspection results can be found on the following page. Check out any of the places mentioned in MountainEats here. For more information regarding food inspections and restaurant ratings contact the Monongalia County Division of Public Health at (304) 598-5131.

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Star City VFD Brewfest on tap this weekend.

The third-annual Star City VFD Brewfest is set to kickoff tonight and tomorrow at Mylan Park and this year promises to be better than the rest. Boasting over 70 beers for a laughably-low $20 ticket price, the Brewfest allows you to literally drink all day with unlimited tastings (and take home a souvenir glass). I have been to about 7 brewfests throughout my beer travels and this is by far the best value I have come across. Look out tomorrow for video and picture uploads, short brewer interviews, and a full review on the event. Cheers!

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