Casa Revisited

This week the group has decided to showcase various pizza parlors around town. A couple weeks ago I had mentioned Casa Di Amici as a “college eats” establishment. I talked about the new York style pies, their early morning hours , and convenient location. So for Casa revisited I thought I might highlight some things this pizza place doesn’t do so well.

1. The Customer is Always right doesn’t apply here: Correct me if I’m wrong, but everytime I’ve ever ordered anything (in person or over the phone, sober or otherwise) the working staff hasn’t exactly given off the “my pleasure” to help you attitude like you get at other places around town. It reminds me of BAD SERVICE

2. If you eat at Casa, you leave smelling like Casa.: Yes, I said it, it smells bad. If greasy isn’t your cologne of choice, then be sure to avoid eating here before any big public appearances.

3. The restroom is always locked: Ok, not always, but if you are going to sell me a piece of pizza at or after midnight, then you’d better at least give me the chance to wash my hands before I chow down. I understand they don’t want randoms off the street stumbling in and making a mess, but other restaurants in the area deal with it, so should they.

Alright, I’m starting to sound a little pessimistic and negative, so here are some positive changes that I’ve noticed in Casa since my last post:

1. New Seating Arrangements: They’re gotten rid of the old, long, wooden benches and replaced them with more up-to-date tables and booths! This allows for a much larger and more comfortable dining area.

2. New Menu Board: They’ve gone digital….kind of. The “vintage” menu board has been replaced with a digital flat screen display. It’s easier to read and just looks a lot better ( it will be just perfect when they retouch the paint where the old sign used to hang)

As far as pizza places in Morgantown go, Casa Di Amici is one of the best. Attitudes and aromas aside, it has a much deserved reputation for tasting terrific and will probably remain one of the best places to grab a slice for some time to come.
-Posted By Shannon Teets

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2 Responses to Casa Revisited

  1. bostonkid124 says:

    Great review of Casa as I agree with all your points. I think its bs when you go in there, buy something, and then they don’t let you use the bathroom. Like you said almost all other places let you use their bathrooms, and its not like Casa is special. Their food isn’t that good, they take forever to deliver and their service is usually rushed and the person is rude. I don’t know about you but I try to avoid eating there, if I want pizza late night I like Vocelli’s.

  2. capnwinters says:

    They are some surly bastards in there, eh? Also, right on about the smell. It clings. The new aesthetics are nice, though, and I certainly do enjoy the food. Baked rolls from Casa are excellent. Their Italian dressing is tasty too. I approve of this analysis of Casa

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