Gelato in Morgantown

Since it is treats week for Mountaineats, I decided to cover the ever popular gelato in town: Tutto Gelato.


What is gelato you may ask? Gelato is the the Italian version of ice cream and there are a couple of differences.

  • It is made with less butterfat than ice cream
  • There is less air added to gelato than ice cream so it tends to have a more thick, rich and creamy taste
  • Gelato is also stored at five degrees above zero compared to ice cream which is stored and served at ten degrees below zero. This allows us to taste the flavor more in gelato than in ice cream

Tutto Gelato has been around for four years and is a small, outside window-served building located at 461 High Street in Morgantown, right down from SoZo and Casa. Two local Morgantown cousins started it up, so it is family owned. They pride themselves that all of their stuff is made right there on site.

Tutto Gelato located at 461 High Street

Everyday there are eighteen flavors out to serve but they make 40 different varieties of gelato. All of the flavors and sizes are labeled in Italian and the owner at the window was extremely patient translating all of the flavors for me.

The gelato is served in a cup, a cone, a milkshake or an espresso milkshake. You can buy the gelato in pints or quarts as well. A pint of it is $7.00 and a quart is $12.00. The espresso milkshake is $4.75 and smoothies (frulatto) are $3.50.

Another neat thing about Tutto’s is that they also offer soy and sugar-free flavors to please everyone.

If gelato really is not your thing (but it’s awesome!), Tutto’s offers another Italian dessert favorite: biscotti. This is like an Italian cookie and is shaped like a bread stick. It is the perfect match with coffee, which Tutto also offers. Hot tea, chai tea, hot chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, latte and steamers are all of the morning/daily pick-me-ups they offer.

Another thing that the owner told me about was affogato.

The affogato is espresso poured over your choice of gelato, topped with whipped cream. It is really good. Our drinks are all prepared to order using fresh ground coffee beans and being able to pick your own flavor makes it even more personalized.

If all of this is not enough to get you to try this Morganown dessert gem, picture this. Pizza in a cone. Yes, you read correctly, COMING SOON pizza in a cone will be sold for $4.00 at Tutto Gelato. It is described as a light but filling dough cone filled with the finest pizza ingredients. The drip free cone is portable and convenient. It will have many flavors including cheese, pepperoni, margherita and more.

Be sure to “like” them and friend them on facebook to be the first to know when to be first in line to try it.


About collegeandwine

I am a senior broadcast news student at West Virginia University. I have recently had a new found interest in wines and I want to expand my knowledge of wines and this will help me do that.
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7 Responses to Gelato in Morgantown

  1. rdlwvufan says:

    I’ve always wondered what gelato actually was, and now I know, so thanks for that. Until I saw the picture, I couldn’t figure out what place you were writing about, but I remember seeing it. I’ve just never gone there. It looks pretty good, especially now that I know it’s basically ice cream.

    • Yes! Gelato is amazing. I always just thought that gelato was the Italian word for ice cream and there really was no difference. But this is not the case and I was happy to know that there are differences between the two. I feel like that building on high street just gets passed up because it kind of looks out of place, but it really is a gem…thanks for the comment!

  2. lindsaycobb says:

    I knew there were differences between gelato and ice cream, but I had no idea what they were. Good research! You had me sold on everything, but I actually think the pizza i a cone sounds a little disturbing. However, I have had a few of their pepperoni rolls and those are delicious!

    • Yeah, when she told me about the pizza in a cone I think my face had the craziest look on it because she just laughed at me. The more I thought about it though, it is probably like eating a pizza hot pocket or something, so maybe it isnt that bad.

  3. CoreyCP says:

    As you know, I was really excited that you covered Tutto’s as I think the place is just ballllllinnnnnnn. Seriously though, I always wandered what in the world was the difference between Gelato and ice cream and besides the obvious flavor upgrade, I never knew about the serving temperature(s) and the ingredients. To me, Tutto’s is probably the best place in the University City to get ice cream errr Gelato…Sure you have DQ and Coldstone but the flavor of the Gelato is really not comparable to ice cream…it’s wayyy better.

  4. I’m sure you heard me squeal in class when I found out you were blogging about Tutto. It is so, so, so fantastic. The affogato sounds AMAZING! I had never heard about that before, so thank you! Also, pizza in a cone??? Weird. They used to sell pepperoni rolls, and they were amazing. (Literally, I’ve never had anything bad from there). Overall, great post!

  5. ewadd986 says:

    Like others have been saying I never really knew what gelato was. This was a really informative post so props for that. I’ve walked by this place a thousand times probably and have never given it a chance but now after seeing everyone’s responses it sounds like I’ve been missing out.

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