Treat Yourself: To an easy and exotic dinner!


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Graduate Student in Journalism at West Virginia University.
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4 Responses to Treat Yourself: To an easy and exotic dinner!

  1. K.Wish. says:

    Nice video, Corey! I must say, my favorite part is your background music. 🙂

  2. CoreyCP says:

    I tried! It took me a little longer than I had originally thought to put it all together but that’s only because I didn’t film everything on the same day. As you can tell from the post the food I made definitely had a Latin/Caribbean theme but the music was anything but. While I did try to find some authentic Latin/Caribbean jazz music to accompany my video, I settled on some classic Bela Fleck acoustic work….the name of the CD is Natural Bridge and the song title is Punch Drunk…check…it…out!

  3. ewadd986 says:

    Nice work with the video that was a cool idea, that pozole dish looked really good. I’ve never heard of it before but I want to try it now.

  4. capnwinters says:

    Uh oh. Recipe. And hey, I know how you moved those pictures throughout the video! The whole time I was waiting for you to shout “Kick it up a notch!” The real question here, Cory, is what beer to drink with that meal? I cannot believe you would make such a grievous oversight given your “hophead” proclivities.

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