Time for a Treat

So as mentioned earlier, we are dedicating this week to our favorite ways to treat our taste buds. While I’m not a huge chocolate addict, there are a few special chocolate delicacies that I love to reward myself with.

The first can be found at Slight Indulgence on High Street, and contains fruit so that makes it at least a little bit healthy right? Chocolate Covered Strawberries…mmm. They’re available in orders of 6 at a time, and, after being hand dipped in Godiva chocolate, they put any candy that comes in a wrapper to shame. Once upon a time I tried to make a homemade version of my favorite dessert, it ended in disaster. I ended up with a huge mess of melted chocolate all over the place and couldn’t even compare to the real thing. So I would suggest saving yourself the trouble and just picking them up already made.

No talk about chocolate would be complete without mentioning Sarris Candies. Sarris headquarters are located just 50miles from Morgantown in Canonsburg, PA. If you can imagine it, they more than likely make it. Their secret recipe chocolate comes in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. With chocolate and candy for any occasion, this local owned and grown chocolate factory has been named one of the fasted growing businesses by the Pittsburg Business Times.

The story is a sweet one, it all began when founder and owner Frank Sarris bought his wife a box of chocolates and decided he could make his own, even better confections. The business started in the basement of their home until Frank decided to quit his job as a forklift operator and dedicate his life to being a chocolatier. The current warehouse was constructed in 1963 and has been growing ever since. They’ve become a landmark and favorite place for kids of all ages to stop in and grab a treat. The best way I can describe it is like the board game Candyland brought to life.

My absolute favorite Easter treats are the famous Sarris Eggs. They range in size from single servings to a literal half pound of chocolate. The peanut butter flavor is like a slice of heaven for me, but they have everything from butter cream to coconut and even orange. While their Canonsburg location is by far the biggest with the grandest varieties to choose from, Sarris Candies are sold everywhere from Giant Eagle and gas stations to Bed Bath and Beyond and Hallmark Stores in the area.

Slight Indulge and Sarris candies are two local businesses sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and coming from someone who isn’t crazy about chocolate, they are definitely a treat worth trying.

This post written by Shannon Teets

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One Response to Time for a Treat

  1. ewadd986 says:

    I’ve never heard of those places but I’ll have to try them out, my favorite Easter candy is definitely Cadbury Eggs, so good.

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