Hey guys, Eric here to tell you about one of my favorite “college” restaurants in Morgantown.  What I mean by that is just a typical college restaurant where kids hang out and order some not so healthy food at all hours of the night.  In high-school my brother’s best friend had already attended West Virginia for about three years.  I told him that I was thinking about going there and he warned me that I might gain more than the “freshman 15” because of all the great, but no so great for you, restaurants.  He said the one that might be the most addicting would be The Rusted Musket.

The Rusted Musket is a local dive located right across from the Life Sciences building on 2005 University Avenue.  In my time here, many restaurants such as the Regal Beagle and the Corner Diner have stood next to “Musket” (as most students call it) and have not been able to compete and hang around.  Whether that has to do with Musket’s overwhelming popularity we’ll never know, but I would bet on it.

Musket offers a variety of food from sandwiches, subs, enchiladas, burgers and wings.  But they are most famous for their “Stackers”.  Each stacker includes Texas grilled toast stacked with whatever meat combo you order and a second layer of homemade cole slaw and fries.  Most contain three layers but if you want to go big you can get the popular “Los Angeles Stacker” which has four layers that includes steak and Vidalia onion vinaigrette with pepper jack cheese and Cajun chicken and bacon with cheddar cheese.  Hands down this is The Rusted Muskets most popular seller.  You can get a full list of their stackers by going to their menu, my personal favorite has to be the “Phoenix”.  Each stacker ranges around $6.  Another wildly popular order off their menu is their hot pepper jack cheese balls.  These things are like tiny mozzarella bites with some kick to them from the pepper jack and they come with a delicious ranch dipping sauce that makes the perfect combo.  $2.75 and $4.50 for a large can be pricy but these things are definitely worth it.

One of the best things that college students love about The Rusted Musket is their late night hours.  These people truly cater to those students who are up late night craving what some kids call “drunk food”.  Musket is open for carry out or delivery from 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Sunday to Tuesday and open from 3:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

“The best thing about Musket besides how good it is is that it stays open as late as most college kids are out.  I can rely on Musket getting me food at any time of the night basically which is why I like to order it.  It might take them a little longer than usual but that’s because they’re always pretty busy and I know they are reliable,” says Troy Royston, a WVU student and avid fan of The Rusted Musket.

Besides the great food and late delivery, the Rusted Musket also offers a pretty cool environment inside.  They have a huge wall to the left side of the building which they have left blank for all of their students and customers to tag their name, area code or just their own little blurb about the Rusted Musket.  It is a pretty neat feature and makes it feel like an authentic college restaurant that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  They also have several arcade games to play and t.v.’s while you wait in line which is another cool feature.

The wall at Rusted Musket all tagged out.

If you are a college student and you haven’t tried out the Rusted Musket yet then I say that you really haven’t lived the true West Virginia college experience.  I say give it a shot and go with one of their signature stackers with a side order of cheese balls and I guarantee you you’d be happy you did.

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3 Responses to

  1. samandateets says:

    fried pickles are by far my favorite late night snack at musket! mmm so good…( p.s. of course you would showcase the part of the wall with the NoVa Area code)

  2. K.Wish. says:

    The Rusted Musket’s stackers are absolutely the fattest thing in Morgantown that you can order. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, and don’t get me wrong, they were delicious. But I felt like my heart could easily stop beating from that fattiness!

  3. kerigero says:

    I’ve never tried this place, I’ve never even been inside of it actually, it just always seemed a little sketchy to me and I’ve heard some not so good things about it (like they make porno’s upstairs) not sure if these are true or not but it has kept me from going there.

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