The Perfect College Eatery: Sandwich U

I wish I could tell you what was really the perfect college food: The hot dog. I had a wonderful frank with some spicy chili and crispy onions that really fought off the wet and cold of the day. Unfortunately, the company involved declined to be interviewed, which I completely understand. Too bad they missed out on all the free publicity and compliments about their food and customer service.

Regardless, I was left to brainstorm what else fit the bill for college food. Then the obvious place sprang to mind: Sandwich U.

236 Walnut Street
(304) 284-0911

Also known as “Are U Hungry.” Also known as “Oh man this is so good, dude!”

According to their website, they only exist in Morgantown, despite getting their start at Rutgers University. Frankly, I’m not surprised that Morgantown is the “home of the fat sandwich,” as few sober towns can stomach the grease-encrusted glory that is a sandwich U meal. The tips on Foursqaure seem to point toward trying the crack fries, which if the online menu is any indication, don’t exist anymore. Maybe they mean Dope Fries, which are curly fries with cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce. Sounds pretty great to me.

They of course have delivery, but I’ve never used it for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is they don’t deliver to West Run apartments, where I live. Also, they have a minimum 15.00 delivery, which is more than I usually get in my lonely food ordering. And a 2.50 delivery fee. On the plus side, they deliver until 3:45 all days of the week, so if nothing else is open, you can suck it up and order leftovers.

Also nice is the restaurant trend of letting you eat breakfast anytime, though that kind of invalidates the idea of “breakfast.” That’s just any food and add eggs. Only farmers eat their breakfast at three in the morning. Anywho.

The food itself is the draw. Granted, SU is made for the drunk partier at 2AM after leaving the pawty cloubh (party club). Strangely enough, the food is much better than it looks, and quite scrumptious while not intoxicated.

I mean, look at the thing! It’s got ranch just gooping off it, and fries and chicken fingers just kind of thrown in a bun. It’s a madhouse. The very definition of a guilty pleasure. I had the ‘Fat Obama” last time I went there, which is basically what you see above but with marinara sauce. I think there was supposed to be a fried chicken joke or something, but the names are pretty juvenile. But really, who would actually be behind naming a foodstuff a “Fat Bitch” or a “Fat Blunt” and get away with…

Oh. Well, doesn’t that just spell college culture right out? Mountaineats will continue to tell you what the best purely college places to eat are.

Meanwhile, check out what the WV State Journal has to say about the place.

Jazz out.


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4 Responses to The Perfect College Eatery: Sandwich U

  1. rdlwvufan says:

    It’s become a sort of tradition of mine to come on here and comment about all of the restaurants I haven’t eaten at, which has been most of them to be quite honest. This is no exception, although the food does look pretty good. I was just perusing the website, and I find it somewhat humorous that they’ve included a google map of their locations, with one solitary dot on the whole thing. Anyway, nice post. I might have to go there some time.

  2. ewadd986 says:

    R U Hungry is definitely the definition of college food…when else would you eat a sub with chicken fingers, fries, ranch, and cheese? Their food like you said is not even that bad sober but by this point in my college tenure, I choose not to eat there cause it just can’t be good for you.

  3. wvu summer session 2 says:

    Over priced sandwiches! Don’t bother go order anything unless they are busy on a Friday or Saturday. In the summer, you’ll end up getting old fries and the worst customer service if there are two idots running the shop. If the place is packed… the managers will be there to actually make sure people are doing their job.

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