Kicking Off College Eats Week

For this week we will be bringing you info. on some of our favorite places in Morgantown that have real “college” atmospheres. From their late hours to cheap menu items and delivery service, this week will focus on different restaurants that cater to student’s schedules and tastes.

Since its debut in the 997 A.D. Mediterranean region of Europe, Pizza has evolved into an essential aspect of American cuisine and earned its place as a staple in every college kid’s diet. It wasn’t until I came to Morgantown that I discovered think New York style pies and fell in love. There are two places in town that I feel are in constant competition for the title of best pizza. Casa Di Amici located at the top of high street in downtown Morgantown and Pizza Al’s located on University Avenue near Towers and the Evansdale Campus.

The Lowdown:

Casa Di Amici literally translates into “House of Friends”, however, the staff isn’t always the friendliest, and I can’t blame them after seeing some of the irritating intoxicated customers they deal with all the time. The hours of Casa are the first indicator that they are definitely tailored to the college crowd.  Open til 1:30 am Sunday thru Tuesday and until 3:30 am Wednesday thru Saturday, you can take care of those late night cravings here. While they have other items such as baked ziti and Stromboli on the menu, I’ve never tried anything other than the pizza. Like I mentioned before the ultra thin crust is sure to remind those from the north of home. The best part about Casa Di Amici for me is they’re sauce, it’s unlike any other, tangy, but not too sour, just right. I’m always made fun of as being “that person” who blots off my pizza with a napkin, but whether grease pools on top or not, it’s definitely worth every it for every college kid to give this place a try. Grab a combo with two slices and a drink in between classes on a weekday for around $4.50.

Onto University Ave and Pizza Al’s:

This tiny little pizza parlor makes our list of college eateries because of the price. $10.00 buys a huge…no humongous pie. I’m talking 20 inch feed a lot of people pizza. Beware extra toppings come at $1.25 each, so supreme lovers don’t get as good of a deal.  Al’s does a mostly take-out because their dining room is small, and unlike Casa, they do not deliver. The pizza is maybe a little thicker here but it is still New York style, and seems to fill me up quicker than Casa’s. Since Al’s is on the Evansdale campus, it is a popular place for freshmen in Towers to get a break from the dorm food, and a great spot to stop in and grab a bite after a game at Mountaineer Field.

Which is better? That’s up to you to decide, for me, it depends on the day and mood I’m in. Casa is always a go-to afterhours establishment, and Al’s is a great place to pick up food to share with friends. Whichever you choose you’re sure to find a satisfying bite fit for any college kid.

Did you know?: Mon County Food Establishment health inspection results can be found on the following page. Check out any of the places mentioned in MountainEats here. For more information regarding food inspections and restaurant ratings contact the Monongalia County Division of Public Health at (304) 598-5131.

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2 Responses to Kicking Off College Eats Week

  1. I loved the post Shannon! Very cool how you added in all of the history about the pizza! Who would have thought? I personally have never eaten at Pizza Al’s but have certainly been to Casa. However, interesting how you tied in the food inspections with this post. I have heard some horror stories about Casa from people who have worked there, so I have not eaten there lately and do not really want to go back. I have switched to Cantoni’s which is right across the street from Casa and I think it has tastier pizza. It is still open late and a good price but it does not offer as many extras as Casa, but as you said in the post, we generally only go there for the pizza. So, before school lets out check out Cantoni’s!

  2. capnwinters says:

    I gotta go with you on the whole Casa thing. That place is tasty, particularly the non-pizza items. Those baked rolls are divine. But since this is your College Eats Week, I do have a very important question. Why not do a comparison of the many, many pizzerias here in town? Casa’s one, but there are like 5 on High St. alone. That’s a category begging for some organization and judgment. Also, way to go on the organization, I like the way you folks have really focused the blog on a weekly theme.

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