Breathe Easy Morgantown

By: Andrea Sauer

Hey there! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some of our “Best of Morgantown” features this week. To wrap the week up I am informing everyone about the best places in Morgantown to go eat in a non-smoking environment. We all know smoking is a hazard, but here are some facts looking at smoking from many different perspectives.

As a business owner, some are hesitant about making their establishment completely smoke-free, but look at this:

  • In the 2008 Zagat Survey: America’s Top Restaurants of 132,000 Americans noted that, “The verdict on smoking is overwhelming with 77% of diners saying they’d eat out less if smoking were permitted in local restaurants, and only 2% saying they’d dine out more.”
  • Landlords and restaurants with smoke-free premises have negotiated lower fire and property insurance premiums. Fire insurance is commonly reduced 25-30% in smoke-free businesses.
  • The American Cancer Society reports that employees who smoke have an average insured payment for health care of $1,145, while nonsmoking employees average $762.

If you are an employee working at a restaurant, here are some things you should consider:

  • Bar and restaurant workers are 50% more likely to die of lung cancer than they would be if bars and restaurants were 100 percent smoke-free.
  • Bars and restaurants workers have the highest prevalence of smoking-related lung cancer out of any industry.
  • Eight hours of working in a smoke-filled room is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
  • Workplace exposure to secondhand smoke causes more death and disease than all other regulated occupational substances combined.

Also, we all know that second-hand smoke is also bad for us but chew on this:

  • Non-smokers exposed to second to secondhand smoke at home or work increased their risk of developing heart disesase by 25-30% and lung cancer by 20-30%.
  • Non-smokers regularly exposed to 30 minutes of secondhand smoke suffer death rates 30% higher than that of unexposed non-smokers.

All of these facts are from the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Surgeon General, World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Thanks to local organizations like BEAM (The Breathe Easy Alliance of Morgantown) there is a huge fight for getting as many restaurants to go smoke-free as possible. They have a list of all of the smoke-free bars and restaurants in town, but I do think some are missing and some of the places no longer exist or have changed names. But here are some that I think bring a great dining experience free from smoke.

1. Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill –  Eric did his post on best place to watch a game and I do agree that SportsPage is probably the best. HOWEVER, Sidelines is a great place as well. Located on High Street just a couple of doors up from Page, they have 18 TV’s around to view and it is an extremely clean establishment with some great drink specials as well. I have been there and the wings are pretty good and cheap (50 cents on Monday!) but I can say there is not too much of a college atmosphere there. Talking with a worker there, she said that they are trying to change that by building an outdoor deck area to be more like Bent Willy’s and Lazy Lizard. This will obviously be an area where people can smoke outside, but the people inside will be saved.

2. Blue Moose Cafe – For a nice, chill place to go any time of the day to enjoy morning coffee or to see a live band play at night, Blue Moose is a favorite among Morgantown locals.

3. Glasshouse Grille – This is definitely a more upscale place that easily could have been covered last week for our fine dining section, but this place really prides itself on the smoke-free environment that they provide. The prices are not too bad but to me when a place offers a Bloody Mary and Oyster Happy Hour every Monday-Friday I know I kind of back away with my hands in the air, but it gets decent reviews

4. Wings Ole – This is obviously a wing place with two locations here in Morgantown and one in Fairmont, WV.

Wings Ole near Suncrest courtesy of Wings Ole website

Hope you all learned something about smoking and different locations in Morgantown!


About collegeandwine

I am a senior broadcast news student at West Virginia University. I have recently had a new found interest in wines and I want to expand my knowledge of wines and this will help me do that.
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3 Responses to Breathe Easy Morgantown

  1. rdlwvufan says:

    As a nonsmoker, I would definitely be turned off by a smoking environment in a restaurant. It seems that the idea of smoking and non smoking sections in restaurants is just an antiquated idea that never really made any sense, at least to me. The places I remember going to when I was younger that had these sections didn’t even have any kind of physical barrier to separate them, so what’s the point? Anyway, it’s nice to know what options are available around town. Good post.

    • Thanks! Yeah all of the facts that I found about smoking didn’t necessarily surprise me, but it is still crazy to think about. I remember the “smoking” and “non-smoking” sections that were not separated at all. It still felt like I was smoking a cigarette even though I don’t smoke. I love how at the Outback restaurant here in Mo-town the smokers get their own completely enclosed glass area. The people outside of the glass cannot hear or smell them. I have found that it really works well.

  2. ewadd986 says:

    Great post Andrea, lots of great stats. I gotta say that there is nothing worse then trying to eat food at a bar when there is a big puff of smoke in your face, completely ruins the food and eating experience.

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