Best Place to Watch a Game

Hey everyone, Eric here again on this Wednesday to talk to you about my favorite place in all of Morgantown to watch a sporting event.

The Sports Page was established in 1990 becoming Morgantown’s first over 21 tavern.  “The Page” as most regulars call it, is located on 325 High Street and can be easily spotted from the street by their gigantic, baseball cap bar sign.  A flight of stairs takes you down to below street level as you walk into what is every guys dream.

Courtesy of The Sports Page website

The Sports Page has over 30 high definition TV’s located all around the bar so there is never a bad seat in the house.  Numerous big screen TV’s allow you to watch some of the best sporting events from around the world.  The Sports Page has tons of TV packages for all types of sports: NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN Gameplan, ESPN Full Court, NBA Season Pass, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, UFC and Boxing PPV Events and even Fox Soccer for the soccer fan like myself.  Sports Page literally offers anything a sports fanatic could ever dream of and all for free.  The only time that you would ever have to pay is possibly for a PPV event and even then it is only a $5 cover charge, a lot easier than trying to wrangle up your buddies to order the fight and argue over who paid and who didn’t all while having nowhere to sit and or bring you food and drinks.  I have never gone to the Sports Page and been disapointed, in my four years of being here, there has never been a time when I haven’t been able to watch something I wanted which is pretty amazing.

Tons of seating with never a bad seat in the house.

If it sounds like I’m giving The Sports Page a lot of high praise it’s because I am.  This is hands down my favorite bar in all of Morgantown.  Even if sports isn’t your thing, there is something at the Page for you.  The daily food and drink specials are hard to beat.  20 oz. domestic drafts are always $2.00 which is a steal and there are plenty of times when they are just $1.50 and on Tuesday’s they are just $1!  The Sports Page knows their audience better than anyone, cheap beer and great food is the way to any college students heart which is why they have been so successful for over 20 years now.  Their food is also very good.  While serving the traditional bar food, they also serve a lot of great hamburgers, wraps and in my opinion, the best wings in town.

Even if you’re not there to watch the game and just want to hang out with friends you are likley to have a great time.  They have 3 full size pool tables surrounded by TV’s and an arcade basketball shootout game.  If you want to sit at the bar they also have those virtual table arcade games which can be a lot of fun.

The service is usually very good.  They have a ton of waitresses on staff and usually have somewhere between 5-8 working at one time depending on how busy they are.  And as a guy I must say, they are all smoking.  The Sports Page is definitely the definition of a man cave.  Really the only complaint I can come up with is that their bathrooms are somewhat gross and outdated.  Like most bars and clubs in Morgantown, they employ the troff urinal system for guys and only have one stall.  It’s somewhat expected considering this is Morgantown but in the future I would love to see them invest in remodeling their bathrooms to make them a little bit bigger and more clean.


If you have never been to The Sports Page and are now interested in going I recommend you check out a Friday at happy hour.  Starting at 5 p.m. they start their wing and pizza buffet until 8 p.m.  It’s $5 at the door but you get all the wings you can eat and they lots of times offer Papa John’s pizzas and other random bar food like hush puppies.  Beers are also only $1.50 in that time and long island iced teas are only $3 all night, my personal go to but trust me, they’re strong.  Karaoke starts at 10 and if you’ve never done it you’re missing out.  I will warn you though if you already don’t know, this is the place to be Friday for your nightly pregame which means there is usually a line way out the door stretching past De Lazy Lizard sometimes so make sure you get there early.  I’d recommend showing up at at least 4:45 if you want to ensure yourself a comfortable seat.

No mater what your fix is whether it be sports, cheap beer, good food, or just a place to hang out with your frineds, The Sports Page is guaranteed to have it.  Check out this video I took below from St. Patty’s day where some guy came in playing the bag-pipes, only at The Sports Page!

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6 Responses to Best Place to Watch a Game

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  2. YESSSS!!! I completely agree that the Page is the best place in Morgantown to watch a game. Not only because of the atmosphere, but like you said, the drink specials are pretty impossible to beat. I can usually be found there Thursday nights which is “Ladies Night” there. Get in free, ladies are given a colored plastic cup and almost every drink for the girls is $1! Gotta love it.

    Another suggestion of places to watch a game in Morgantown is Buffalo Wild Wings, which is right across the street from Page. They recently remodeled the restaurant and it is pretty nice! What puzzles me though is the only thing that they did not remodel is the nasty, disgusting bathrooms. Seriously, if the rest of the place gets a makeover, fix up the worst part!

  3. kerigero says:

    I love Sports Page! I feel like it’s a great place to drink any night of the week, but my favorite definitely has to be Friday night karaoke! After this post I think a class karaoke night is a must!!

  4. tonicekada says:

    Sports Page is my favorite bar too! I love this post! You can pretty much find me there for .25 wing nights on Monday, and then maybe thursday and/or Saturday depending. They do have really great drink specials, but I don’t agree with the staff. I have never seen 5-8 waitresses working at on time there, and to be honest, I tend to notice that the guys get served before me no matter how long I’m standing there waiting to order. Ridiculous I tell you, but I still love that place. It’s so chill. The only thing I want to throw out is that I recently tried their garlic parm wings and I thought they were kinda hot. Like spicy hot. Just a heads up if you don’t like hot foods.

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  6. Hahah – I think the consensus agrees that Sports Page is fantastic. Karoake nights there are CRAZY. I think it’s because there’s really no DJ stand, so they kind of throw the DJ (most of the time CG Shields, an old opinion editor at the DA) on a table to the side. I also think the staff there can be snotty. I’ve left on more than one occasion because I would be sitting at the bar for 30 minutes or so and don’t get waited on. And Toni is right, I’ve definitely seen guys order faster…. hmm wonder why??

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