Fast Food in Mtown and Eat Cheap Week

You might be expecting me to talk about McDonalds or Burger King or Arby’s or wendy’s, but those brands are completely established in this region(and have too much 80’s rapping). But after my trip this weekend to Pittsburgh for a convention and a stop by the world’s slowest Mickey Ds, I thought I would count my blessing for the quick eateries of our little slice O’ West Virginia.

Also, I was excited to see that DubVMenus was advertising an Eat Cheap special all this week at a variety of different local eateries, but more on that later.

I suppose it would be fitting to just go ahead and start the comparisons in the name of fast food. Let’s go!

Munchies 432 SPRUCE STREET

Thought I would go with my most recent first, even though it may be unfit to call it fast food in the traditional sense. I deemed it so because I think anything with quick service and that much fried stuff has to be a ff joint. The motif is not subtle; every foot of the place is dedicated to the love of weed. The food is named after movies and drug names, the name of the place is reference to being hungry while not being sober, and there is a coin-operated breathalyzer by the counter.

The slacker-oriented wall decor hides a decent array of sinful foods for the student on the go. It’s refreshing to have the grill and cooking apparatuses out in the open. I played a game of pacman, and before I knew it I had a wrap literally dripping with grease waiting on me. The temperature wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly a salvageable and filling chicken and pineapple sandwich substitute (named the “Pineapple Express after the Seth Rogen movie and related Mary Jane). They can and will deep-fry anything, and that makes me want to try the desserts very badly.


I believe we have already lauded the wonders of this greek-inspired foodatorium upon this blog. But that was for it’s International appeal. As a fast food restaurant, the stakes change. For one, fastness does not equal cheapness in all regards. Looking at the menu, the sandwiches are 6 dollars, not including a drink. The feasts are very good, as the salad has a certain variety and the basmati rice tastes great with any cuisine. Of course, I would stick with the meal plan menu with meal plan prices or the daily specials for ease and speed. Tazikis is a special case of spending more actually leading to a receipt of more. Plus, the slightly hurgry can order an appetizer of fantastic hummus dip or taziki dip for 3.50.


We were all excited for the opening of the Mountainlair’s branch of this chicken eatery. But as of now, the menu is very limited and the food is overpriced. A last resort for the meal-plan enabled only. As a side note, this is why the High Street Dairy Queen is also not a doable fast food establishment. Lame. Next.

The Side Pocket Pub

I know it’s called a pub, but what is a pub but glorified fast food with beer (only 4 kinds on tap, in this case)? It’s in the basement of the Mountainlair and sells mostly fried meat and french fries. They have a special every day of the week, give free refills on soft drinks, and there’s plenty of seating. It’s not the quickest service, but the proximity to the main hub of student life in Morgantown makes it useful. Since I spend much of my downtime in the games area, this is the perfect spot for a quick eat. Nothing wrong with a basket of fries and popcorn shrimp for 4.50. Just be assertive when asking for condiments. If you aren’t going to be staying a while, I’d suggest riding the elevator to the second floor and grabbing a 20 ounce from the vending machine for a dollar. I find it a better value.

Generic Sub Shops

You have Subway, with 5-dollar foot-longs. Boring. You have Quizno’s, with the toasty torpedos, location in the Mountainlair, and bread-soup-things. Better. There is Jimmy John’s, which is further away but is more delicious than any other sub shack. Spruce Street Subs is closed. Despite their few differences, I sort of lump these together. Unfair, yes. Foolish, yes.

So what’s the best? I don’t know. Food science is so objective, and we are conversing on such similar places that all I can ask is for the reader to make an informed decision. You tell me.

In other news:

The Broadcast News readers will scoff at this video. Eat cheap week time!

But hey, who am I to turn down some specials? Grab some pizza or something all this week!

Jazz out.


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4 Responses to Fast Food in Mtown and Eat Cheap Week

  1. jonvickers says:

    Ate at munchies last night and their cheese sticks were pretty good. While I had been there before, I had forgotten the variety of things they served. Yes, mostly fried. It is definitely a great fast food option if you are downtown.

  2. deepafadnis says:

    Great post. I’m always looking for places around Morgantown for some cheap and quick snack. Thanks for the tip.

  3. ewadd986 says:

    I’m loving the new Chic-Fil-A in the lair. I think it’s hilarious how all of Burger King’s lines have just shifted over there. I’m also a big fan of Jimmy John’s, they make the fastest subs ever.

  4. Jimmy John’s is definitely a great add to this list – always reliable, always fast. Pita Pit is something that gets overlooked a lot, I think, and it’s a good one too. I like the two of them because they tend to make me feel more healthy than just regular fast food. I’ve never been to the Side Pocket, but I’ve heard good things about it. I always thought it was interesting they served beer in our student union…

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