Fine Dining: Richwood Grill

Hello everyone, Eric here to tell you about my “fine dining” experience at Richwood Grill.

Richwood Grill is a fine dining restaurant located off 318 Richwood Avenue, right before Mario’s Fishbowl.  Richwood Grill describes their menu as a “local, global, cuisine” with a seasonal menu based on the product right here in Morgantown.  My roommate Ben had been a couple of times and had high praises for it so I thought what better place to test out some high class, local cuisine?

Richwood Grill is a small but beautiful indoor restaurant.  When you walk in, the very back the restaurant opens up to a deck and a beautiful over-looking view of downtown Morgantown.  Their menu included a wide variety of appetizers and beers. Most appetizers ranged in the $8-10 range and beers anywhere from $3-9.

I personally started the dinner off with a recommendation from our waiter with a Chatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale. I’m not a beer connoisseur like Corey but I could definitely can say that this was one of the better beers I have had in some time.  I’m usually not a fan of Pale Ales but this particular brew had a nice spicy, rich, hoppy blend with a smooth finish.  I ordered the pint for $9 and at 6% alcohol, had a nice little buzz before the food arrived.

The Entree menu included Cuban-spice Spring Creek tofu ($15), Gardner Farm pork loin chop with mango masala coulis ($20), WV striped bass with moro orange coulis($22), plenty of cuts of steaks and more.

For my entree I decided to go with the Shrimp and scallop sausage over pasta with pumpkin seed pesto for $21.  I like pesto sauces a lot and actually am a big fan of pumpkin so I thought that I had to try it.  My roommate that joined me went with the Prime Brazilian-cut Loin Streak with Yucatan spice rub and avocado butter.

My pasta was very delicious.  It was cooked perfectly and the pumpkin seed pesto sauce was rich but not overpowering with a nice buttery-oily flavor.  I thought the sausage would be cut up and spread on top but it actually came in four large patties.  I could have cut them up but I just would take some pasta and a piece of sausage off in every bite and it was a really good combo.  The sausage was salty but had a lighter flavor due to the seafood that worked well with the rest of the dish.  I had a huge portion too which is what I was hoping for in a pasta dish so I definitely got my moneys worth



My roommate Ben went with his favorite dish that is always served on Richwood’s menu, the Prime Brazilian-cut Loin Streak with Yucatan spice rub and avocado butter.  “I’ve been here a bunch of times and it’s by far the best thing on their menu, I love it,” said Ben Wilmeth.  “It has the perfect amount of salt on the skin and the rub they put on it is amazing.  I also love all the grilled vegetables they give you.”


He let me try a piece and I got to say I was kind of mad that I didn’t take his suggestion and go with the steak myself.  But in the end, I was definitely happy with my choice and my decision to go to Richwood Grill.  The atmosphere and setting is great and the food was exceptional.  Tons of drinks and great food to choose from for a fair price for fine dining make this a highly recommended place to take a date or a group of friends.

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