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I’m not a fancy-pants reporter. I would rather get some noodles on the way to class than dress-up and wear a napkin on my lap. When I went to Dragonfly, it was on a whim with a few friends.  Luckily, it was not at all crowded, especially for a Friday night. I was wearing naught but a tshirt.

I spent roughly 30 bucks.

I am a college student, and that sum of money is inexcusable. I suppose high prices are clues of finer dining. Let me think of some excuses. Urban Spoon has some great ones, per their usual reviews.

For one, we had their specialty seasonal cocktails, which were altogether too delicious.  Around that time they had a pumpkin-flavored coffee liquor confection and a creamy mint martini. Our meals took over an hour-and-a-half to get to us; this kept us buying 9 dollar drinks, a fair business strategy.

The reason to visit a high-end restaurant is atmosphere, which was certainly nice. Strangely enough, I loved the decor in the bathroom most of all. I may be biased on fixtures given my background, as my father owns a store that sold many of the items installed. That aside, it was so very dark. They were going for the club feel in a restaurant, however that is achieved.  What it really meant for our dining experience was that even though it was nowhere close to dusk, we could scarcely read our menus.

Case in point.

Now, when the food arrived, it completely changed my mind, as fine dining is wont to do, correct? Meh. I had the eighteen-dollar Calimari in the SPICIEST sauce I have ever had. The menu said “tangy,” I think. I couldn’t even finish the stuff, since I ran out of water. The service certainly could’ve been better. I went to a really nice place in Orlando that had the simplest possible Calimari, which was incredible. Sometimes the sauce can ruin the core ingredients.

Maybe the high price ruined the mood, but despite being there with good friends, I came away unhappy. Case you haven’t noticed, I did not enjoy Dragonfly very much at all. I suppose the hostesses are attractive; but so are they at Hooters, and that has sports on the wall and wings that are actually supposed to be spicy in a tackier atmosphere.

Forget Dragonfly. I’m going to go open an Asian place that is also a sports grill and you can watch sports. I would like that way better. Maybe if I had a significant other, this could be a nice way to impress a date. Otherwise, D-Fly is a miss.


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10 Responses to Fine(ish) Dining? Dragonfly Grill

  1. Your service is inexcusable, but I cannot believe you didn’t like Dragonfly’s calamari. I LOVE it. And the Red Panda roll. Try it, I highly suggest it.

    • Jazz says:

      I plan on going back to sample the sushi when I have the funds, to compare it to other sushi joints I’ve reviewed. Dragonfly is a love it or hate it establishment; but I will try the red panda. Thanks, Mel!

      • Tyler says:

        Reading your review was very upsetting. I found a lot of things that I do not agree with and I believe just because you do not have the money to spend on fine dining does not mean you should automatically write it off. I looked on the website and the calamari is $10 not the $18 that you accused it of. I have eaten at the establishment several times and have never had a problem with lighting or service. The sushi rolls are very good. Maybe you had a day with bad service but all establishments have up and down days. I would certainly hope if you are going to write a bad review that you could at least get the prices right and not double them in hopes of gettting readers to think it is too high priced.

      • Jazz says:

        Whoa there, Ty. You jumped to several conclusions without taking into account that many things can change in 9 months. I said the atmosphere was great; The service could have been better, but many establishments are similarly staffed. I understand. I ate there, and it was expensive, though I would never write off a place based solely on the price-to-value ratio which I felt leaned too sharply to the former. The restaurant was simply having a bad day, and I would love to visit again and see if the situation has improved.

        At any rate, always good to hear differing opinions. Thanks!

  2. I hear so many mixed things about Dragonfly. I feel like I am probably the only person in Morgantown to have never eaten there. I remember I was going to go there for Valentine’s Day but for some reason or other I never ended up there. I have heard that one should never eat non-asian food there (what non asian food they have there is unknown to me, perhaps the calamari) and should stick to the sushi. However others have told me it’s great, awesome and wonderful. Others, like you Jazz, have not been impressed. I am a huge fan of the Hibachi on Evansdale and suggest that to any Asian-food lover.

    • Jazz says:

      Hibachi sounds great from what I have heard, and I think I will hit that sometime in my beat. They are apparently wonderful on V-Day. I was probably just there on a bad night. The mixed reviews are incredibly puzzling. Thanks for the feedback, wino. lol

  3. deepafadnis says:

    I’ve never been to Dragonfly, but i’ve always wanted to go there. Once I got there and waited for 30 minutes, just to find out that it was going to take longer than that. Well you really seem to have had a bad experience there, but i’ve heard some good reviews about it. Maybe sushi will make the difference.

  4. rdlwvufan says:

    Like you Jazz, I don’t really eat at fine dining establishments. And by that, I mean I never do. I have a hard time trying to justify the cost. If I had more money, it’d be easier, but that’s never been the case, so I don’t bother. The idea of spending 30 bucks on a meal doesn’t usually sit well with me, and I already have buyer’s remorse just from reading this post. It sounds a lot like Yesterday’s: overpriced and over-hyped. I probably won’t ever eat there, but I doubt I would ever have gone anyway.

  5. capnwinters says:

    The aesthetic is certainly divisive, as you say. I completely empathize with the gripe about insufficient lighting; some places seem to believe that the dimmer the room, the finer the dining. At top of the line restaurants, you have to bring a lantern! Anyway, thanks for the heads up, Jazz, I’ll steer clear.

  6. Shay Maunz says:

    I’m glad to see this. I’ve heard such mixed reviews on Dragonfly, but I’ve never actually been there myself. Sometimes I’m skeptical of people who rule out a restaurant based on the service, because I always assume it will vary depending on when you’re there. Plus, I’m not a complainer when it come to that kind of stuff.

    I’m almost glad you don’t like the food either, because that helps me decide not to go there, hah.

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