Back in Business and a week with a touch more class

We’re back readers! And now that our much needed Spring Break has ended we’ve decided to showcase another side of the Morgantown cuisine scene, “fine dining”. Not all of the places we’ll discuss this week are going to have jacket and tie requirements but they will all be a little more expensive and upscale than the typical college joints we’ve talked about it the past.

So without further ado I present to you Yesterdays Bar and Grille.

Located on the Mile Ground by 24-7 Fitness and across from the Morgantown Airport, Yesterdays is the cozy Restaurant in the corner. Morgantown memorabilia is mixed in throughout the inside which gives Yesterdays its charming character. Granite and deep stained cherry accents help to give Yesterdays a more high end feel. So as you wait to be seated, ( in my experiences there has never been an actually put your name on the list and wait to be called for seating type thing because it has never been that crowded, you more than likely will only wait on the hostess for a moment or so) your eyes will have a feast. One of Yesterdays “bragging points” so to say it their glass enclosed patio complete with a fire pit. This room is usually open for anyone, but they will rent out the space for special occasions.

Okay, so I’ve established that it’s pretty. But what good it pretty if the flavor of the food doesn’t match the atmosphere. The food I’ve ordered has been….okay. Just one glance at the menu and you’ll see that it’s unlikely for person to leave with a check of less than $10-$15 dollars per entree.  My personal favorite has been the chicken quesadilla appetizer, but still, it’s nothing fantastically different. The menu is very diverse with many options to choose from. I’ve had the chicken sandwich on two different occasions, the first time it was phenomenal, served on fresh ciabotta bread this meal was one I truly enjoyed. The second try left me disappointed, the bread was stale, it was a little cold and just failed to live up to my expectations gained from the time before. On a more recent trip (I went with my friend from work who insisted he needed to try “somewhere new”) I ordered the steak a cheese sub…BIG MISTAKE. Thank God we split an appetizer before because otherwise I would’ve starved. I barely ate a quarter of the sandwich and put the rest in a box which I gave to my boyfriend later the next day (he’s a much less picky eater than I am). The steak was just tough and had a ton of fat pieces that I literally would spit out after I couldn’t chew them. They offer other sirloin steaks, and maybe the sandwich is just the worst of the worst, but still I would not waste $20.00 on one of their other steaks in fear that it too wouldn’t be up to par.

Atmosphere is good, food is okay, now about the service…. Not so great, which is disappointing considering the amount you’re paying dine there. This is definitely not somewhere to go if you are on a time crunch. I would budget to spend a good hour eating in here. None of the wait staff has ever been intentionally rude but they just aren’t as attentive as one would expect. Drinks don’t get refilled, extra sides of butter or ranch get forgotten, and there’s just an overall lack of attention to detail, perhaps a good staff training day boot camp is in order.

So overall not somewhere I’m just dieing to go every week. It is definitely a change of pace from the ordinary and gets away from the monotony of many chain restaurant menus, but personally, I’d rather just sit down at Cheddars for the same kind of cuisine at half the price.

-This post brought to you by Shannon Teets

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6 Responses to Back in Business and a week with a touch more class

  1. rdlwvufan says:

    I’ve never been to Yesterday’s, but I do remember having the chance to glance at a menu of their’s once. Yikes. Just from looking at it the one time, I was pretty sure I was never going to be able to afford eating there, even with a college degree. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was, and given your description, it certainly doesn’t sound like it’s worth the money to go there. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. lindsaycobb says:

    Man! In the beginning it sounded like Yesterday’s was going to be great, but I guess not. I think it’s fun to splurge every so often, but thanks to your post I’ll be sure not to waster it on Yesterday’s! Maybe they’ll see this and try to improve their food and service.

  3. Samie says:

    I have had dinner there also. I would agree with you that the atmosphere is great, but the food is just okay, but too pricey for the what you get and the service is pretty poor. But it is a beautiful restaurant.

  4. ewadd986 says:

    I agree it’s nice to splurge every now and then because eating is one of the finer enjoyments in life in my opinion. But after this review it definitely doesn’t sound like a place where I’d be willing to drop $20-30 on a meal. I especially can’t stand when my drink doesn’t get refilled when eating; don’t think I’ll be going there.

  5. capnwinters says:

    Form over function, never the way to go. I would suggest however, that you should intersperse some of those lovely pictures with the text of your article. It would break up the prose nicely and avoid a tl;dr situation. I liked the way you organized this post, with the separate segments for food, atmosphere and service. Well done

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