International Week and a Bday Bash

Welcome to Mountain Eats International Week! In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day we’ve decided to highlight some of our favorite international restaurants around town.

Coincidentally, this Tuesday is my birthday, and rather than pretend I was born two days later and celebrate with green beer on the 17th, my friends and I decided to go on my actual date of birth to grab our favorite frozen beverages, margaritas. And what better to accompany a margarita than authentic mexican cuisine? Two problems:

1. Los Mariachis the local favorite place to grab drinks and mexican food has adopted a controversial new check policy. Apparently they no longer will split checks for tables of more than five, meaning that if there are more than five people in your party, everyone has to pay using the same form (cash or all on one card). It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if everyone carried around the right amount of cash to cover their part of the meal….but I can honestly say that it is a rare occasion I don’t use my debit card and would venture to say that this is the case for many other college students my age. Also, I became even more discouraged to go to Los after reading the following stream of Facebook posts: (I’ve deleted people’s last names but the posts are genuine)

Matt ***Just made a scene. Last time I eat at Los Mariachis. It sucks anyway 16 hours ago via iPhone ·LikeUnlike ·  3 people like this.

Julie: Nina and I hate Los, she was in the ER for a whole night because of their food! 16 hours ago · LikeUnlike

Matt:What?!?!? They have a new policy for tables over 5. They make you pay with one form. We couldn’t. 16 hours ago

Christina:yah..i got food poisoning from there. Now i only go there for margaritas….and thats rare

Food poisoning and  an inconvenient pay policy…. This place is official a party foul and off the bday dinner list of possibilities.

Moving on to problem 2: I’ve decided to give up meat for lent this year (which doesn’t end until Saturday, April 23rd, the day before Easter) which severely limits my food choices. Even though I’m not a huge “steak and potatoes” type of eater….I’ve never wanted a hamburger more in my life and it hasn’t even been a week yet….. but I digress, so here’s our


This Mexican Restaurante is a little further away from campus, but I’ve been there before, and the food is comparable if not better than that of Los. They also sell margaritas by the pitcher and make no mention of having an issue with splitting a check as many ways as you please. The atmosphere at Rio is similar to that of Los or any other mexican restaurant: booths along the wall, tables in the middle and colorful paintings along the walls. The seating capacity however is larger than los, which means you are less likely to wait in a long line just to get in the door.

As for the whole not able to eat meat dilemma, I’ll probably settle on my old favorite cheese quesadilla with beans and rice ( unfortunately I still have the tastes of a twelve-year-old) but their menu features a section of Vegetarian Combination dinners with choices like fajitas, burritos, chalupas etc… all for $8.95.

So it’s decided, Rio Grande III will be the gathering place this Tuesday (tomorrow) check back later for a full review and recap of our night!


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2 Responses to International Week and a Bday Bash

  1. Try Mariachi Loco – it’s by the other Wal Mart near 68. It’s very similar to Los, but it’s cleaner, less busy and the service is better!

  2. ewadd986 says:

    That is some bull by Los about the check policy. That is just being lazy if you ask me and I think that it will hurt their business. I know like you said I pay for everything with my debit card. I just don’t know too many college kids who carry around cash. That’s really going to detract from a group of friends who want to go out for some of their margaritas or food.

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