Dine-on-a-Dime: Don’t Forget Breakfast!

Hello! Corey Preece here for my Thursday blog post on Mountain Eats. This week we have really focused on offering some helpful tips on places to find cheap food in the University City, but what about that often forgotten meal breakfast? As a college student with an unpredictable schedule, setting time aside for the supposedly “most important” meal of the day can be a little difficult. However, one local eatery that will take care of your wallet and your early morning appetite is Tudor’s Biscuit World.

Tudors...the Biscuit World.

Tudor’s is a new restaurant in Morgantown (located on University Avenue by Hibachi in Evansdale) but its faithful following in southern West Virginia has made this little biscuit shack the place to “start your day the homemade way.” Offering a wide variety of breakfast oriented menu items like pancake platters, biscuits and gravy, and of course the famous biscuit sandwiches, one meal from Tudor’s will tide you over for the rest of the day. The menu is chuck full of an interesting list of biscuit sandwiches which are under $4 with a “5 for 5” deal that allows you to get five different biscuits for $5. The only way I can describe the utter-awesomeness that is Tudor’s Biscuit World is to think of Subway but with breakfast food items like bacon, eggs, sausage, and hash browns.

"It's the biscuits, stupid..." And yes, there is a biscuit called "The Mountaineer."

While the plethora of breakfast options can be dizzying at times, your attention at Tudor’s should rest squarely on the biscuits. “It’s the biscuits, stupid,” and I would have to agree. My favorite of the biscuit choices is the classic “Mary B,” a biscuit with your run-of-the-mill bacon, egg, and cheese. However, a biscuit like the “Duke” is basically a Mary B with a hash brown thrown in for some extra sodium fun! The “Ron” has sausage, egg, and cheese while the “Peppy” sports pepperoni and melted cheese…enticed yet?

This is the "Mary B," featuring bacon, egg, and cheese on a buttermilk biscuit.

If biscuits aren’t your thing, another breakfast item of note is the “Big ‘Tator,” a $5.42 meal with a bountiful helping of home fries (small cubed cut potatoes) covered in scrambled eggs and bacon, drizzled in melted Cheese and served up with a buttermilk biscuit (from past experience, substituting gravy instead of cheese tastes better). But who says you are always going to be up for breakfast? More traditional Southern dinner items like Baked Steak and Gravy and Pinto Beans and Cornbread are available (albeit in the $6-$8 range) and Tudor’s makes sure to please the average fast-food enthusiast with made-to-order hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

Being a southern West Virginia native, I have probably ate at Tudor’s more than any other fast-food restaurant I can think of. Strangely enough, I have never ordered anything but breakfast foods from the “Biscuit World,” so I needed someone to tag along with me and order a food item other than a biscuit or a breakfast platter (to keep my Cal Ripken-like streak going of course!) Luckily, a friend of mine and Tudor’s virgin Ashton Pellom was up for the challenge and ordered an absurdly large bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and a drink. His initial take on the food was pretty good, “the burger was a “B” burger but I’m a little shocked by the fries I got,” Ashton said. Indeed, his burger looked up to par (probably equal in size to a Hardee’s Thickburger) but his fries allotment was pathetic, there were literally 11 french fries with his burger…it appeared as if someone counted out each fry and tossed them on the plate for shear amusement.

Ashton Pellom really liked his bacon cheeseburger, but his toddler-sized french fry portion "shocked" him.

Besides the joke that was the fries, the service and food at Tudor’s is usually top-notch with “thank you” and “yes sir/ma’am” being staples of a country-fried restaurant. My biscuit was great as usual and cheap too, in fact, just about every breakfast item clocks in under $6 and when you are “Dining-on-a-Dime” that isn’t that bad of a choice considering some fast-food/restaurant alternatives in Morgantown. If you decide to go I would recommend going on the weekdays as Tudor’s is only open from 5:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. and the weekends include 15-20 person lines inside the restaurant and literally University Avenue traffic-stopping drive-thru lines. However, this really is a place to get a good “bang for your buck,” and is Pringles-approved…”Once you pop you can’t stop.” Err, “Once you bis-cuit you can’t quit.”


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16 Responses to Dine-on-a-Dime: Don’t Forget Breakfast!

  1. ewadd986 says:

    I’m from Virginia so I had never been to Tudor’s before I went for the first time a couple weeks ago. I remember reading about it in the DA last semester and thinking it sounded like a legit place for some home style breakfast food. Me and my roommate went one morning and I have to say it was amazing. I love biscuits, I usually don’t eat breakfast in the morning but if I did it would be some kind of a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. They had really good prices, can get a fulfilling meal for under $5 and a lot of good sides for $2 or less. I got a biscuit with bacon, egg, cheese and a tater tot called the Duke I think. It was awesome, their biscuits are huge like the size of a hamburger almost and more than fill you up. Only problem I have is that it’s closer to Evansdale, I wish it were built downtown…but that’s just me being selfish.

  2. lindsaycobb says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about tudors and now I’m even more enticed! Although I have to say, after your very detailed report of the biscuit meals available- I think I could only handle Tudor’s for a lunch or dinner… 5 biscuits for breakfast would have me passed out in my first class!

    • @TudorsMotown says:

      At Tudors, you can enjoy all of the above–breakfast, lunch and dinner! We can make sure there is something that fits your breakfast appetite

  3. tonicekada says:

    Being somewhat of a health freak, I never really know what’s going on in the fat-food world. In fact, I have never even eaten at Long John Silvers or KFC before. It’s just not usually my cup of tea, but I have heard a lot about Tudor’s Biscuit world, and to be honest (who said I was cheating on my diet?) I really want to try it….especially after your savory descriptions!haha. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so sometimes I miss all the good stuff like Biscuits and french toast instead of fruit and gronola. But only sometimes!!

    • @TudorsMotown says:

      Be sure to add the blueberries to your pancakes and get a hot apple turnover–plenty of fruit at Tudors’–just added V8 Fusion fruit drinks to go with fruit juice lineup–BREAKFAST is GREAT

  4. kerigero says:

    I probably should not have read this at 11:00 in the morning because now I really want a biscuit! I had never heard of this place before but after reading this (and hearing everyone rave about it in the edit lab yesterday) I think I’m going to give it a try! Any recommendations for a first-timer? Also do they serve breakfast all day??

    • @TudorsMotown says:

      If we are are open, we are serving breakfast; Recommedations are BREAKFAST any way you like it–start with biscuits and gravy, add eggs cooked your way, bacon or sausage, try some chunky potatoes (Taters), and save room for a hot apple turnover or delicious cinnamon roll with fresh hot coffee

  5. Bob Britten says:

    Nice writeup. I think my biggest gripe about Tudor’s is that there’s NOWHERE to stand while waiting for your order; on the other hand, that’s a sign of how busy they typically are, so I guess they’re doing something right.

  6. CoreyCP says:

    Eric, no doubt about the poor location, however, could you imagine the lines if Tudor’s was downtown?…Lindsay, Tudor’s really hits the spot and don’t worry about the “5 for 5” deal, those biscuits are always great to put in the fridge and throw in the oven for a quick pick-me-up…Toni, you can always go healthy with an order of eggs, wheat toast, and a side of their mouth watering cinnamon apples! And Keri, a first-timer choice really depends on what you want. If you like bacon, egg, and cheese get the Mary B, if your a sausage, egg, and cheese gal get the Ron, the Mountaineer has country ham, hash brown, egg, and cheese (and is unreal by the way) and of course you have the Big ‘Tator…I would say just go with the Mary B and get the melted cheese on it instead of the cheese slice. And Bob (I’m not sure where your comment went) the building choice for Tudor’s has been questionable from the beginning, as you walk in the front door and literally stand in the door way as you wait to order, it’s a little odd to say the least…I have honestly never seen a restaurant so busy in my entire life as it is on the weekends…absurd.

  7. rdlwvufan says:

    Even though I’m from West Virginia, I had never eaten at Tudor’s until it came to Morgantown. If only I had a time machine. The place is pretty awesome. The only complaint I have is that it closes so early in the day. That, and what Dr. Britten mentioned about it being overly crowded at times. If it was open in the evenings, I would eat there more often. Now, it would be great to see more of these in the northern part of the state, say, where I’m from. Please and thanks, Tudors.

    • @TudorsMotown says:

      Someday we will be open later; hopefully for now you will be content to set your alarm earlier–we will be waiting for you

  8. I’m so glad you blogged about Tudor’s. I went for the first time a few weeks ago (Pennsylvania native), and I LOVED it. Obsessed. I used to love McDonald’s breakfast, but it seriously doesn’t compare to Tudor’s. Worst part is … I would love “Thundering Herd,” but I can’t bring myself to order it … so sad. Get it together, Tudor’s!!!

  9. CoreyCP says:

    I know Melanie! I have honestly never ordered the Thundering Herd for that specific reason…I literally can’t bring myself that low to do it. But, from the scuttlebutt on the street, it is a verryyy tastey sandwich…However, in my humble opinion, I believe the Mountaineer tops it because the country ham is amazing!

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