Dine on a Dime: Where are the Wings

As March Madness approaches the demand for chicken wings is increasing along with the price.  In fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that food prices across America are expected to rise 3 to 4% this year. But not to fear we’ve scouted out some specials that will allow wing lovers to get their fix without breaking the bank.

Monday Nights 5-8pm at Sports Page: .25 cent wings with $2.00 domestic bottles and drafts.  So Sports Page is a bar, but if you can get past the smoky atmosphere you can leave with a stomach full for under $6.00 With 11 flavors to choose from, there’s sure to be something to satisfy everyone my personal favorite, a tie between Garlic Romano and Honey BBQ

Tuesday: Buffalo Wild Wings Wings Tuesday: Most are probably familiar with this national chain restaurant, it’s a nicer sports bar and grille that is more family friendly than most. This is somewhere I would go (and have been) with my parents and their Tuesday night .40 cent wings offer is more than half off the usual price. But beware, Tuesdays can bring in crowd and this Morgantown location allows patrons to smoke at the bar, which can be rather annoying. If you’re just trying to cash in on the special I’d advise going early for quicker service and a quieter meal.

Wednesday: If you’re a working woman, or woman in general wanting wings on Wednesday then Kegler’s is the place for you. Have a weekly after work get together here and enjoy a free buffet (wings included) and drink specials including $1.00 drafts and $1.50 mixed drinks and margaritas.

Thursday: Casi D’ Amici: If you’re trying to stray away from the bar scene or dining with picky eaters who prefer pizza over wings check out Casi D’Amici anytime on Thursday. They have 12 jumbo wings for $5.95 (about .50 cents per wing) and a pizza parlor atmosphere, smoking and alcohol free.

Friday: Varsity Club: To help you unwind for the weekend take a trip to Varsity Club across from Mountaineer Field for $1.00 off appetizers (including wings) and score .49 cent bone in and .59cent boneless wings during Pens hockey and Mountaineer Basketball games.

Just a few suggestions to duck the rising cost of chicken wings, feel free to let us know about some other great specials we’ve missed and share your wings wisdom!

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6 Responses to Dine on a Dime: Where are the Wings

  1. Sharon McCollough says:

    We just tried Casa D’Amici’s Thai wings last evening. The Thai wings are absolutely the best wings in Morgantown!

  2. ewadd986 says:

    Sports Page has the best wings in town hands down. I have been going there since freshman year and I’ve been in love ever since. I might be biased because it’s my favorite bar but part of that is because the wings are so damn good. My favorite are the nuclear, they are fried and dripped with just enough sauce with a good kick. I love that they give you ranch or blue cheese and celery for free too because some places charge extra which I hate. Keglers has some pretty good wings although last time I was there I tried the 911 wings and I burned off all my taste buds after the third wing.

  3. kerigero says:

    I can’t find a good wing place around here, I’m so used to the wing places back home…I like my wings crispy (I’m not a fan of the soggy skin thing) but apparently I’m the only person on the planet that likes them that way because no one else I know has a problem with soggy skin. I’ve tried Buffalo Wild Wings and they are okay, not great, and most recently I’ve had Casa’s wings and they were slightly better. But I’m definitely going to try some of the other places on the list!! Hopefully I’ll find something, maybe I’ll give sports page a try next time!

  4. Bob Britten says:

    I am shocked and offended to see no mention of Mario’s Fishbowl and their cowboy ranch wings. Keeping with the budget issue, there’s their Tuesday night special of 12 wings and a fishbowl of beer for $6.95. Keri, I’m right with you on crisp wings, and I’ve not been disappointed there.

  5. bostonkid124 says:

    This post was perfect, as I was just planning a day with my friends to go out, get wings, and watch some college basketball. The only wings I’ve had here in Morgantown were from Domino’s so I’m looking for something a little better than that. In your opinion what would you recommend for the best wings?

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